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Upon finishing Elie Wiesel’s Night, I became ashamed that I hadn’t read it sooner. There is so much wisdom in his words, so much history, so much…knowing. 828 more words

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Where the hell am I?

Tobias looked around.
He was in the middle of a park.
It was night.
He felt confused; the place gave him a sense of familiarity, yet his brain failed to register his location. 267 more words


"A Kaleidoscopic Journey through the streets of Tokyo at night"

Since I keep this blog more as a journal than as a fashion page, I’m also going to post short videos and some music that I like! 28 more words

Hiroshi Kondo

Tear Me Down

Tear me down with your passion so that I may know you care. Strike me with your verbs and cause the consonants to fall from my body. 128 more words


Writers Write

Just about 1am and I just need to get some words out of my head. I am one of those people who deals with minor insomnia and part of that is due to racing thoughts. 242 more words

Velvet Metronome


The way the night

Slips and soothes into existence

It gently lulls with the soft sounds of

The chirps and creaks and gentle bellows

Of it’s lovely little creatures. 110 more words