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of coffee rings and puddles shallow

she sits in the quiet of the night
somewhere the dogs bark
she stirs the coffee in the cup
and along with it seasons pass… 35 more words

Random thoughts #004

Just like a thief in the night
You stole my heart
And left as a speed of light


Questions & Answers

Why are we so surprised when we get an answer back after spending do much time screaming into the Darkness?

light - hands part 3.

everyday hands

doing everyday things

every day’s a new beginning

what will it bring

hands pull the string

that turns on the light

that brighten the room… 18 more words


a curtain of fog
calling end to the night “stars”
arrives one evening

J M Lysun

Haiku - Poetry

A night Alone

She cuddled around her own breast, pretending not to be seen in the darkest night of her life. Amidst the silence of her own breathing, she could hear everything loud and clear. 805 more words