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Settlement Collapse: Chris Brown To Court In Nightclub Brawl Case -- ‘Don’t Let Lawyers Quit Now!’

Chris Brown felt so close to settling multiple lawsuits stemming from his infamous New York nightclub fight — but now he fears it could all fall apart. 254 more words

Letter to my Alcoholism

Dear Liquor,

So I go solo to the club I have on lock that my roommate has ownership stakes in and the place is dead. A dozen people fill the place, tops. 295 more words

Mango Dress and Clubbing at Kitsch Club

It is always difficult to know what to wear on a night out.In fact sometimes I actually choose to stay in rather than subject myself to the depressing event of opening up my wardrobe, pulling everything out and realizing that anything which looks half decent I have already worn it 100 times over and is probably still stained from the last event it was subjected to because I forgot to take it to the dry cleaners. 370 more words



As much as I hate to write this post I can’t deny my listeners the truth. I’ve been to this hotspot Lavo numerous amounts of times. 805 more words