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Daydreamers: Narcolepsy in the Real World

When you hear the word narcolepsy, what comes to mind? Chances are you imagine a person falling asleep at the most inopportune moments, maybe it’s at work, during an important class lecture, or even on a first date. 885 more words

Sleeping Disorders

6. Spirits... Can You See Them? (a sample from my book 'The Church Of The Free Mind: Anti-Messiah'

On another morning I thought I awoke and sat up in my bed. My dog was laying at the edge of the bed and I reached over to pet her… she took off at such an unnatural speed that I was flabbergasted! 525 more words

Happy Easter, pt2

Did you know that the symbols of the rabbit, the chick and the egg originated in various pre-Christian cultures, as FERTILITY symbols? They got shit to do with a zombie (Jesus)

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Freedom of Time

With the process of minimalism comes the freedom of time. Many people who really look into their time spent per day and per week realize that quite a bit of their time is spent just taking care of the things they own. 193 more words

One Night Only... A response to "Funny...?"

I pay attention. I see what you like, what you want, what you need… So for all you freaky, creepy, and slightly touched people out there… Know that you are among friends, and this is for you… With more to come… 109 more words

Art And Projects

Happy Easter!

Well, another festive occasion, another horrid nightmare.

A colleague gave away some small chocolate bars, the sweets were good, but the image on the wrapper… 20 more words


Freddy Delivers: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

After the phenomenal success of The Dream Master, the next installment of the Elm Street series was rushed into production. Like the fourth film, Wes Craven did not return. 378 more words