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Strong tower to live in

strange architecture, a strong tower to live in, I admit, since I saw this quadric tower 50 years ago for the first time, it appeared as picture very often in my nightly dreams, don’t know why…

God's dream - a pebble in your shoe

Do you dream big? Do you dream at all? Some people are afraid to dream. They prefer to live in the here and now, in the measurable where results can be proven and replicated. 324 more words

Invisible Pain

The past lingers, haunts him like his lonely nightmares
while he barely hangs on with the only light there
a glisten of a candle with a flickering flare… 204 more words

Slam/Spoken Word

Okay,Okay, I'm Done

You know how I told you guys about my meatfest a few days ago?

Well yeah, I’m now done and over, and I’m good now. My body is recovering a little from the food based inflammation I put it through, but on the plus side, I’m not craving meat anymore. 579 more words

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Questions Without Marks

I feel them all,

These whispers without whispering,

As they rattle secretly -and not -

Around this real-ether world.

We’ve never been face-to-face

Yet, disturbingly, and its opposite… 63 more words

Poetry Perhaps?

Prayer Points To Cancel Evil And Bad Dreams From Bummyla

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis : This is the prayer for those who have been attack by evil or bad dreams. 247 more words

My Scaly Nightmare

I heard the commotion of the children outside the house as I was washing the dishes from the breakfast this morning. They were shouting and throwing objects that sounded like stones or sticks because I can hear the splashing of the muddy water outside our window. 627 more words