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Insomnia /Álmatlanság

Oh, I do remember how much I wanted to stay up late when I was younger but I never could because school and life were way too tiring… At that time I slept around… 2,140 more words

Attempt : "Cute Nightmare"

Let it grow slowly
Deep inside my mind
A meaningless enemy
Who makes me blind.

I can’t see those colors
Rainbows above the bridge
I can’t beat those monsters… 79 more words


Nigmabox Rundown (20/7-26/7) Press-Switch

Okay, so following a, well, a year sparse in terms of great games, at least in terms of what I’ve been playing, I both revisited The Walking Dead and visited what I dub the fifth tier of indie games, titles that nobody knows about, have little information given, and are for the majority of the cases, just bad.   906 more words


Sunday bloody sunday!

Getting up at 6am, getting on the metro through Stockholm, followed by a 20 minute train ride to the airport.

At first, I had the feeling that things would get complicated at the airport. 281 more words

Sweden 2014

Sleep paralysis last night

Hi, last night I had a little sleep paralysis apon waking. I was coming out of a dream where my grandma and brother was down stairs and there were having some food that I wanted. 174 more words


bad night

I have all of these cats in my house and one who is tiny and yet to be realized. She is tiny, with a white fur coat, and the infant of the house. 585 more words


Forced - July 26, 2014

You took me to a place I didn’t want to go. I tried so hard to fight it but it did no good. You made me someone that I’m not, someone that I didn’t want to be. 95 more words