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Sounds in the Night

Last night, in the wee hours of the morning, I was having a weird and terrifying dream.

I was dreaming that somebody had sent me “100 things that will make you happy” or something like that, Buzzfeed-style. 869 more words

Some Monsters Are helpful

Here’s another monster for you. If you’re ever sitting in the bedroom and see the closet door open, don’t worry. Might just be that a helpful friend is waiting inside.

a to z: t is for (no) time

Running out of time to post “t.” It’s almost midnight and I’m still in my closet texting with two of my coworkers trying to figure out what to wear to work tomorrow since ownership is in town. 51 more words


Badman Dreams

I had a dream, you were there again

It seemed like you had changed, although kept your snakish ways

You smiled that charming smile the one that lured me in… 213 more words


My First Running Nightmare

Last night was crazy. I had my very first (and hopefully last) nightmare about my upcoming half marathon.

I’ve been feeling really anxious about next weekend. 355 more words


The Customer is Not Always Right

In fact, most customers are surprisingly stupidly wrong, suffering from self-entitled-itus.

To all customers that go to a grocery store looking for a conversation with the clerks, I’m afraid you suffer from this horrid disease, and there’s no cure.   278 more words


Nightmare, or not?

‘Can you stop kicking my chair?’ I hissed at the girl behind me. Today had not started well and the last thing I needed was someone irritating to make my day worse. 727 more words