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The nightmare of all nightmares (possible triggers).

was waiting for me last night. Oddly I am calm right now, no grounding necessary, which normally follows nightmares. I am not shaky, I do not have hyper vigilance or even dissociation. 860 more words

My Journey

He's at a Cookout and Can't Hear You

BENCHLEY, IT’S URNIE, WAKE ME UP!  I’m having a nightmare!  It’s the 23rd of July, and I’m back in last winter!  I had just started to forget how bad it was!  13 more words


Wylhil 2.2: The Movie

The Movie

I was going to go out, but as usual had trouble finding clean clothes. I kept changing; Mas had already left, but he invited us saying: “Hot girls down the way”. 654 more words


On Panic

“It was believed that Pan himself was in a panic when the animals ran, and that this vision of Pan’s panic set the world in terror. 81 more words

James Hillman

Nightmares as the Experiential Base of Religion

“The nightmare reveals this, par excellence. There the healing reeducation might begin because there the instinctual soul is most real. Jones (p. 71) reminds us that “the vividness of Nightmares far transcends that of ordinary dreams.” Roscher and Laistner both observed this, and Jones (Ibid.) quotes others who have stressed this reality: 165 more words


Living Dead

What’s it like for the living dead?

to trudge through on half baked legs

when breathing hurts and time is neither friend nor foe

What’s it like for the living dead? 121 more words


The Hanging Tree

Lets go down to the Hanging Tree

past the broken brook

where the fish have turned

wishing they could see light

Lets go down to the Hanging Tree… 188 more words