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I’m talking about dreams when we sleep…and I’m very much aware that the answer to the title question of this post is widely known. Dreams are a complex “series of thoughts, images and sensations” occurring in a person’s sleeping mind; said “sleeping mind” is otherwise known as a form of our subconcious. 300 more words

Dream Catchers

Fiction: 12:39 am (467 words)

She sat up like a bolt. From the look on his face, she figured she must have been dead asleep.  He opened his mouth to say something, but she muttered, “Bathroom” and took off quickly towards the rest room.  445 more words


In The Dreamscape

Weird things happen when you go to sleep. Sometimes, you can’t sleep. Sometimes, in a groggy state, your body imagines stuff going on around you. However, without a doubt, the strangest thing that can happen to a human during the sleep cycle is to dream. 801 more words

When Darkness Bleeds

I am weakened to the point, that it hurts to breathe

I close my eyes and I just grieve

Every memory floods back to remind me… 28 more words



I don’t have nightmares often.  But I did today.  I woke up UNDER my bed.

There’s no real reason why I would be having bad dreams now.  75 more words


Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis by Sydney Lauro

I never think about it
Until I’m about to fall asleep.
It’s not until the beat hits
The bedside table fan, 127 more words

Sydney Lauro