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In Dreams it Arises/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

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As Eolas and Eagna make their way to the cliffs,  Naofa listens to Laoch reveal his world of nightmares…nightmares which could well become a reality for their own world….. 4,537 more words



As the night gathers around me
Shadows of my fears taking over
Only memories of the daylight left 52 more words

Allu´Kah 6

Rëy´kho irrumpió en la habitación con otras dos personas:

Una mujer alta, pelirroja y risueña que portaba una sierra enorme sobre su hombro izquierdo y una mochila en la espalda. 731 more words


The 1st of September

The potential pain of tomorrow
Keeps me awake at night.
My mind decayed through puberty
Slowly deteriorating
Almost done in my twenties.
And it poisons me, 59 more words



When the make up is gone, how bone-crushingly tired I am becomes clear and visible. I haven’t had a nightmare free night in so long that I barely remember how it used to… sleeping peacefully, that is… 6 more words

All O


Be weary as you travel
The knowledge of what is fact
And what is fiction is lost
When you dream.
Take control of the terror… 16 more words


An Illness Odyssey: The Best use of Sick Days in my Life

I rarely take sick days. Even when I worked in positions with copious amounts of compensation, I have always viewed sick days as a last resort. 1,341 more words

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