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Nightmares cling to you with their desperate hands. I know it’s not real but I still can’t shake the feeling. You can go to sleep happy but any tiny upset works its way into your mind and turns into a torment. 24 more words

Lucid Dreaming

Why Therapy Is Never, Ever Going To Work

Just woken up in a complete state from one of the most awful nightmares of my life :( I’ll spare you the details but it was so awful. 221 more words

"A Nightmarish Origin"

We’ve all had nightmares at some point in our lives. Several people are plagued with them as if they were in a film caught in some sort of terrifying loop destined to repeat itself while others are fortunate enough to hardly ever have one. 452 more words


Gothic Rambling and Sketches



Calligraphy and first sketch: Pen and Copic marker. Second sketch: Inked with pen and coloured in Photoshop CS5. Imagery from a dream.

A Little Verbosity Never Hurt Anyone.

Brevity Pulls- But Verbosity Pulls Harder

by Thoughts of a Senior Citizen

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal. 1,219 more words


Phase Five...


A bright fall morning greeted the mail man as he strode down the city street, slipping mail into every mailslot within a five block radius. Since his truck had broken down, he needed to deliver everything by hand. 1,727 more words


Phase Four...

Bryan’s body was limp in the chair; faint body heat was still radiating from him. With her legs crossed, the woman with raspberry colored hair sat on the floor in a pair of matching valentine’s day pajamas. 794 more words