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Fresh Peach Salsa

Summer time is peach time! Peach salsa tastes great on top of grilled pork or grilled fish, fish tacos, or just as a topper for tortilla chips. 89 more words


White Kimchi (Baek Kimchi)

Kimchi was one of the foods that I thought I would miss once I began AIP.  It was one of the first Korean foods that I tried and enjoyed.  747 more words


Balsamic-Braised Beef Shanks (AIP)

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I have to skimp on dishes because I’m short on time. And I like to keep things budget-friendly and budget-friendly cuts usually require lots of additional time in the kitchen. 413 more words


Awesome AIP Mayo (AIP)

So #30daysofclean hasn’t been as easy I thought it would be. I’ve done the strictest form of AIP, and yet I’m struggling with just cleaning up my diet. 540 more words


Crockpot Veal Provençal Soup (AIP)

All my life I’ve been a burgers and pizza kind of girl. I like real, hearty foods and lots of it. Yeah, I know. Neither of those choices are really AIP. 659 more words



Did you know Doritos were created by Disneyland? They fried the left over tortillas and coated them in taco seasoning!

Preheat oven to 180 degrees… 62 more words

Gluten Free

Nightshade Free Shrimp Cocktail?

Just found this recipe and it sounds DIVINE! Omit the jalepeno to make it nightshade free! I might add a touch of wasabi to kick the heat back up. 281 more words

Nightshade Free