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Only the Most Refined Dust

By Shea Godfrey

I remember the first book I ever read on my own. My mother gave it to me and I sat and looked at the cover for a very long time. 685 more words

Bold Strokes Books

Game Over? Retry? (YES/NO)

As everyone, except perhaps myself, has become aware, Cloud Story has been frozen indefinitely.  Still not cancelled though.  Instead I’ve been busy taking classes, and dabbling on my alternate Cave Story project, codenamed, NightShade.  167 more words

Cloud Story

Playing catch up part 2

So one of the worst things that can happen to a photographer happened to me. My memory card became corrupted and I hadn’t backed up my photos :( Fortunately I was able to save most of them, although the order was messed up a bit. 128 more words


Once Called "Wolf Peach," This Vegetable Is Really A Nutrient Rich Fruit Known As The Tomato

This piece of produce is really part of the berry family. This canine has learned the art of berry balancing.

Tomatoes were originally believed to be poisonous. 515 more words



Murderous thoughts pass into dead of the night,

violent shadows mixed with two parts malice, one part fright.

Betrayal, jealousy, despair, and confusion

culminate together in a darkening delusion. 133 more words


Elusive Wildflowers - Part 11 - Black Nightshade

Nightshades are an interesting family of plants. Many of them are poisonous with lethality that goes mostly like this -

  • mmm, yummy
  • woah, trippy
  • eww, I don’t feel so good…
  • 863 more words

Weaning Day

Yesterday, a bunch of girls came into heat, and the little boys all fell in love.  Unfortunately, some of the girls don’t like the attention (Lily) and thought the pesky little boys should be tossed around.   331 more words