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Chemical Response (Part 2) - Rated T

Chemical Response
by Nova

Teen Titans fanfic  (Raven/Nightwing)

Part 2

Dick stared blankly at the empty foyer.  He couldn’t quite believe it.

She’d left.

So, much for doing the gentlemanly thing.  1,937 more words


An Embittered Love Letter To the Arkham Asylum Games

Dear Rocksteady,

I adore you. You have translated the tone and mood of contemporary Batman comics like no other, better than any film, radio play or novelisation has ever achieved. 602 more words

Film & Television


Hi gang

You may have noticed that my blog took a strange turn recently to look at the costumes of two DC Comic heroes. This was because I have recently been looking further into the characters logos for a design for a new tattoo. 258 more words