Running at half speed

This week my aim was to run as many miles as possible at half marathon speed or faster. My Tuesday and Thursday evening runs achieved that with the added bonus of dodging the showers. 222 more words


Doing things by halfs

Carol started running again this week after her knee injury, so that’s brilliant. My feet and legs still feel tired, but I tried to keep the miles and pace up as the Poppy Half Marathon comes into view. 275 more words


Tired legs on tarmac

After last Sunday’s hill fest on the South Downs it was tired legs on tarmac this week. Carol’s pulled a ligament in her knee so couldn’t run, leaving me to go solo for the first time in months. 392 more words



28th September 2014

Holidays split the running over the last two weeks. Following the enjoyable Hellingly Half on the 14th of the month, it was business as usual on Tuesday evening at Hailsham Harriers. 261 more words


A lot of nothings

With all eyes on the Hellingly 10K on Sunday, this week was about preparation. Nothing fancy, nothing taxing, nothing wasted.

On Tuesday evening we took a gentle run along the seafront to clock up 5.30 miles. 478 more words


A Good Mix

There was a good mix of running this week, starting with a pyramid of speedy intervals at the track with Hailsham Harriers on Tuesday evening. While the grass may be getting longer and the evenings shorter, the running’s getting quicker. 178 more words