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On vandalism.

<I come back to the class from lunch.>
“Miss, you look confused.”
“No, I mean, I’m not confused, just curious.”
“Which one of my students wrote Anaconda lyrics on the toilet paper dispenser.” 89 more words

High School

The Change in Hip Hop

There are different ingredients that music artists use to make a song successful. Some ingredients include a hot beat, meaningful or catchy lyrics, relatable content, nice delivery, harmonies, vocal range, artist features, and etc. 234 more words


Morning Song - Bang Bang

So, Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. get together in 2013, produce the year’s most infectious dance-pop-soul-hip-hop song (“Blurred Lines”) and it’s a D/s date rape song with a soft-porn video. 59 more words


Everyone Is All About That Bass

So, what’s up with everyone singing about butts? Don’t get me wrong—it’s fine. I’m not being a prude or anything, but jeesh. The music industry definitely loves big butts as much as Sir Mix-A-Lot. 74 more words

Culturally Inclined

See What Happens When Dave Skylark Interviews Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj

James Franco and Seth Rogen have a new movie coming out (The Interviewer)  in December featuring the two as producers and an interviewer for a very popular show “Skylark Tonight.” To get pumped for their new movie Dave Skylark a.k.a James Franco interviewed Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj on the Vma’s, but the interview didn’t go as planned. 11 more words


The Top 5 Timeline:: Going In On The VMA's, Dirty Girls, & More

Hey folks! I’m back with a new SUPER SIZED edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?!

1. The booty is safe with me… 209 more words

Top 5 Timeline