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Nikola Tesla, Mad Scientist

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been working on a new project and doing some online research in regards to steampunk.  One of the key components of steampunk are those nifty Tesla coils, named for their inventor Nikola Tesla.  702 more words


Power for the People

Power for the People ,  Nikola Tesla By Russell Bradley

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tesla art
nikola tesla art

Nyarlathotep: Lovecraft's Wonder and Fear of Science

Shot from the film Nyarlathotep (Directed by Christian Matzke; 2001)

Nyarlathotep is one of Lovecraft’s most well known and more frequently cited entities (possibly second only to Cthulhu).  1,113 more words

This is not just music

Did you know that science can be that cool?

This video was inspired by symatics, the science of visualizing audio frequencies, said Nigel Stanford. Cymatics… 44 more words


Long Famous But Not Quite Fabulous: The New Yorker Hotel

From the 39th-floor breakfast room of the New Yorker Hotel, one can see the whole of downtown and clear across the river to Brooklyn. It’s a master-of-the-universe view—East River glinting in the sun, Empire State rising above a jumble of lesser skyscrapers, clouds and sky and construction cranes—situated amidst the cheap carpet and generic furnishings of a budget motel: a titan’s perch occupied by tourists and business travelers munching boxed cereal. 2,397 more words

Canopy Of Cold Descends

Buffalo in state of emergency over snowstorm

Bicentennial quasi-periodic TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) variations define a corresponding cyclic mechanism of climatic changes from global warmings to Little Ice Ages and set the timescales of practically all physical processes taking place in the Sun-Earth system. 584 more words