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The Best Stargazing on Earth

Location: Mauna Kea, Hawaii
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Wow! I realized I never posted a picture of “the best stars on Earth”!
Also, I just made a new cover of “The Moon Song”(from the movie Her) by Karen O. 8 more words

Lindy Bopity, Boop

Hello all!

How have you all been?

Today I took myself out on a solo lady date. I put on my new Lindy Bop dress, my puffiest petticoat, dragged out my sandals from a wardrobe, painted my toe nails, packed up my Nikon camera and took myself out for the afternoon. 181 more words

Edinburgh Closes, Wynd and Courts!

Just a few sideways of Edinburgh’s Castle Street: Closes, Offices, Wynd.

Shot with Nikon D7000, edited using Snapseed and Marksta.  24 more words


Hurricane in Hawaii

Location: Halibut Point

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In just a couple hours, Hurricane Iselle will be blowing through the Big Island, where I currently am. I’m staying at a hotel on the Kona Coast, so it shouldn’t hit me as hard as if I were in Hilo. The wind is picking up!

Canon or Nikon?


Before I got serious about photography I told my wife “If ever you decided to buy me a camera as a gift, please make sure it is either a Canon or a Nikon” 234 more words

Go Pro

Location: Halibut Point, MA

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Finally got around to setting up the GoPro! Loving the distorted fish-eye effect on the camera!