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vintage lens: comparsion 16mm vs fullframe

i did little comparison between 16mm lens on 1 inch from nikon V1 and 35mm fullframe lens on APS-C sensor on Sony NEX5T. both lenses have similar prices on ebay for used models. 54 more words


Vintage 16mm lens shot

i did some tests with Nikon V1 and 25mm F1.4 c-mount lens. this lens are pretty damn cheap and best option for nikon’s tiny 1inch sensor. 32 more words


To the sky

1. Early morning photo shoot in Atlanta. I apologize to the folks I woke up.
2. Church and Skyscraper at North Avenue and Peachtree (the real Peachtree)
3. Nikon V1
4. Snapseed


Prepare For A Clean Door

A month is almost done,

The days of learning has come near the end,

Lessons learned and gained for a better future,

For self, mankind and humanity. 26 more words