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You're Just Jealous

Working with Vlada around some huge caraganas. :)



Lithuanian Song Celebration (1)

Lithuanian Song Celebration (Song and Dance Festival) 90th anniversary, Vilnius, Lithuania (6 July 2014). Pictured here, Song Day in Vingis Park, Vilnius – where massed choirs numbering some 12,000 people sing with one voice. 127 more words


My trip to Salcombe

I have a new-found appreciation for England, my home country. I have only ever been where I live, where I go to uni, where my grandparents live and maybe a visit or two to other Uni’s where my friends are. 177 more words


Not a Fight! (and a note about tripod heads)

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Ants are my nemesis. They are extremely hard to photograph because of their speed and dull color; and do not count on the camera monitor telling you if anything is sharp (DSLR monitor resolution definitely needs improvement). 501 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Not sure this is a challenge that’s age appropriate for someone closing in on Social Security. ;-) I do vaguely remember my teen years. After that the kids seemed to come along kinda quickly and summers were all about camping, teaching them to swim and trips to Tahoe and you get the picture. 6 more words