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Writing a short poem for a loved one

You don’t have to be a shakespeare to write a love poem and you don’t have to have a degree in English and know all the long fancy words. 167 more words

8 Worst Journeys Ever Undertaken

We’ve all had “that” journey: the one which saw us miss our flight, get snowed in somewhere in Delaware, and which ended up with us being forced to spend the night warming ourselves with a cigarette lighter. 1,610 more words


Flames of Old Egypt .... Gabriel's Requiem

Recently I rekindled an old flame. 

The flame, first ignited when I read a book known as Cairo Jim and Doris in Search of Martenarten. 407 more words


The Nile River.

Nile River Facts

The Nile River is the longest river in the world. On this page of Interesting Africa facts we list many facts about this amazing Africa landform. 281 more words


Good Morning Sudan

It’s a good morning , on my way to hustle , leaving every lazy part of me home , with the Nile under and the loud sun .. 8 more words


Cruising on the Nile

I’ve only been on two river cruises in my life, but they were biggies: the Nile (2007) and the Yangtze (2010). I love slowly drifting along the water, the sights constantly changing, the shore just close enough that if the thing sinks you can swim to land. 226 more words


Eyes and Smoke

The room is small, just like us all. We manage to fit no problem. Once one of us lights a smoke, then it sets off a chain reaction, like dominoes. 98 more words