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Cheap Holidays To Nile

The NILE River is just one of the numerous destinations of Egypt. The trip planned to Cheap Holidays To Nile the Nile offers you a perception of the authentic Egyptian way of livings. 468 more words

Cheap Holidays To Nile

Lost technology of Ancient Egypt - irrigation and agriculture

Irrigation as the artificial application of water to the soil was used to some extent in Ancient Egypt, a hydraulic civilization (which entails hydraulic engineering).  80 more words

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Aswan - Felucca ride on the Nile

Aswan feluccas

A felucca is a traditional sailboat used to transport people and goods on the river. Feluccas rely solely on wind-power and have no engines, so the itinerary is never quite set in advance. 396 more words

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The healing garden - in Egypt's earliest monasteries

Assailed by the crowds, traffic, fumes and every-man-for-himself scramble of Cairo, it’s easy for the individual to lose sight of anything but the concern of the moment: how to cross the road (if at all!), how on earth to manage the school run or get to work on time – and so on, and on. 673 more words

Slave: No More

I was a slave with only one thought: you! I knew it should have been escape, release from the chains of bondage, but it was not. 258 more words


The Nile Basin Development Challenge: Methods, outputs and outcomes - A glimpse at NBDC science

The Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) is one of six global focal basins of the Challenge Program on Water
and Food (CPWF). The overall objective of the CPWF program is to increase water productivity and resilience of… 243 more words


On-site financial costs of soil erosion by runoff from the Mizewa catchment of the Blue Nile basin - A glimpse at NBDC science

This study was conducted in Mizewa watershed which is located in Blue Nile Basin (BNB) to estimate on-site financial cost of erosion in terms of yield reduction taking maize as representative crop. 329 more words