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The world's first antichrist?

In 1 John 2:18, the Bible warns that there will be many antichrists, before the final one shows at the end of the age. But, perhaps the first reference to an antichrist is found centuries earlier in the first few chapters of Genesis. 1,017 more words


UK need for sea patrol aircraft opens new front in Airbus, Boeing battle

- Reuters – Two high-profile sea searches have exposed a shortfall in Britain’s maritime patrol capabilities, raising hopes at rival planemakers Airbus and Boeing that they could soon be fighting over a multi-billion dollar contract.

British ASW: Spoiled for Choice

- Aviation Week – The collapse of Britain’s long-range antisubmarine warfare fleet has set off a scramble among contractors to fill the gap. With a strategic defense review due next year, and a shift in focus away from land wars, it is widely expected that the UK will take steps to restore its world-class capability. 69 more words

Omega 2060 - Chapter 31

To save the earth, Mankind must die

Book Three

Chapter 31

The mind is in all things
Even rocks.

Inside the starkly functional confines of the Russian space laboratory, the three men sat in nervous silence, waiting for the project leader to speak.  2,781 more words

Omega 2060 - The Novel

Saab Eyes British ISR Needs

- Aviation Week – Saab is gearing up to offer both maritime patrol and airborne early warning systems to the Royal Air Force, based on the Saab 2000 platform.

Nimrod (Prologue)

Earth. Hundred years ago. Oxygen is almost
depleted. The atmosphere is dark because of smog.
An effort to rejuvenate the Earth was started by botanist and environmental activist, Dr. 278 more words