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Pithy Tarot meanings -- Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands
Tonight, while driving through Hollywood, I saw a sign that said:
“If you look close enough you can see that our scars are actually treasure maps.” 69 more words


The Daily Draw: Nine of Wands, Reversed

Friday. Weary. The last few days were long, working towards today’s software release. The last few nights were spent setting up the playschool website. Did the school run this morning so I’m later than usual. 479 more words


Daily Draw: Nine of Wands

If you lived in the states in the early 60’s, you may remember a fellow named John Cameron Swayze advertising Timex watches on television, in much the same way that Barry Scott now advertises Cillit Bang, although perhaps less loudly and with a bit more of the gravitas you would expect from a news commentator. 395 more words


Today's Tarot: NINE OF STAVES


Life is such that we must stand strong and face our demons. Some may be hiding around the corner and others may be standing right in front of you. 149 more words

Today's Tarot

Nine of Wands - One Last Battle - Almost Done!

Nine’s  in numerology indicates  fruition, fruit of your labor, fulfilment and  attainment and nearing completion.

When the nine of wands appears in a reading,   be prepared for one last battle regarding your relationships, personal endeavors, work career, projects, etc.   139 more words

Suit Of Wands