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KTV, Cold Beer and Flash Flooding...

Most people do not know the names of smaller places in a country that has a lot of the words population residing in it! This was what we felt when we were telling people back home that we were going to Hangzhou for the weekend! 1,325 more words

It takes 3 weeks to find Chinese friends...

I have been finding it hard to find time to write my blog/ find interesting things to say day to day.

This weekend was most probably the best weather we have had, you could actually see the blue skies which is very unusual in a smog filled China. 1,086 more words

An art historian out and about in China: of visiting Ningbo.

When you tell people that you are going to China, most get quite excited and then say- ‘oh, what are you going to see then? Are you going to Beijing /Shanghai/ Hong Kong (delete as appropriate)’. 1,177 more words

Fishing wire, a lake and desperation for Air Con

I haven’t been doing my blog as often as I normally do because I am working Monday-Friday 9-5pm here so there isn’t really much to say about that. 629 more words

Baoguo Temple: Ningbo's Architectural Wonder

Our first stop on our trip to Ningbo was Baoguo Temple, which was located fourteen kilometres from the centre of town on Lingshan Mountain. Despite being one of the first cultural relics in the country to be preserved at national level, Baoguo Temple was still little known to most tourists. 1,204 more words

Baoguo Temple

My Year So Far.......

Oh crikey, it’s been months and months since I have been here.  So what have I been doing?  Well, what haven’t I been doing?  In the last six months, if not nine actually, there has been been one wedding, one funeral, and one birth to start with, though not in that order.   492 more words


Does Sun Exist In Ningbo?

So I finally arrived in China, and it is a different world. I expected there so be some level on English amongst locals as Ningbo is a pretty big city, regardless of the fact that no-one has heard of it! 885 more words