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Gaming Locations - Hyrule Field

In all of gaming there is one land that is more famous than any others, these come from a wide range of history, but more particularly stem from a historic period in gaming and has helped in its many years to truly change the face of gaming and evolve it beyond previous comprehension. 1,003 more words

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Eight Great Games That Didn't Age Well

Taking a painful stroll through memory lane at some games that didn’t age well. Warning: fond childhood memories will be crushed.

Does the N64 hold up today?

When I was a little kid, the two biggest consoles of the day were the Nintendo 64 and Playstation. It’s not that the Sega Saturn didn’t exist, but most people I knew didn’t seem to give a damn about the Sega Saturn, mainly because it was an inferior console. 616 more words


Random Game Trivia 7/24/14 Mario Kart 64

In early versions of games we often find many features different from how the game turns out in the end. One such game like this is Mario Kart 64 when the game was in an early beta it was originally known as Super Mario Kart R. 175 more words

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The First 5 Video Game Box Designs Used For Nintendo's U.S. Video Games

You know being a fan of art, and being a gammer since the late 1980s, I have begun to find that not just the video games themselves are incredibly fascinating, but I have begun to find just about all other facets of video games to be interesting… 422 more words

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Delicious mental delights
Mind cerebral cookies
Multi interactive environment
Let’s have some fun
Bake some cake
Put the three dimensional world on stall
Get ready for Telly she ready to brawl… 112 more words

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