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Super Sevens 64 Update

Super Sevens for iOS just upgraded to version 1.1 on the App Store!  The main difference in this version is that it includes 64-bit support.  No, unfortunately, this does not mean that it now runs on the Nintendo 64.  67 more words


Paper Mario Review - Cut-Out of Towner

By Koola

I’m almost ashamed to admit I passed on Paper Mario back when it originally released. I was a silly child who didn’t want anything to do with a Mario RPG that wasn’t a direct sequel to Super Mario RPG, so it wasn’t until much later that I actually played Paper Mario for the first time. 1,015 more words

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The Insert Witty Name Show Ep. 27 'You Can't Out Run Death'


This week we talk about childhood Christmas presents ranging from Thunderbirds toys to the Commodore 64. With a meander through the Action Man cartoon series and Spiderman/X-Men comics. 31 more words


Retro Reminiscence: NINTENDO 64

We have all had that one gift during Christmas that we dreadfully wished for and blew our minds when we got it. With the holiday season upon us, memories of the N64 kid and his mind blown reaction to receiving the ultimate holiday gift of the late ’90s come flooding back. 411 more words

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Pommelling Lucian's Pokemon, hoping to overcome Cynthia's to finish with Pokemon Diamond

Wow. That was close.

I fought Lucian in tonight’s session (approximately 45 minutes). I fought him twice. The first time I had no idea what his first Pokemon would be and hadn’t planned accordingly. 689 more words

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Colorwind Reviews Cruis’n USA

Arcade racing games are a lot of fun. Unlike games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, you don’t have to worry about braking for turns or shifting. 693 more words

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