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I går gikk egentlig dagen fullstendig til å sitte ute i sola på terassen og grille seg. Jeg er solbrent som bare det, da timene plutselig hadde gått ganske fort mens jeg leste notatene mine. 414 more words


Graphics Don't Get Worse With Time

I was reading a review for NBA Live 14 back when it launched where the writer described what he considered to be a poorly rendered crowd of fans. 554 more words


Robotron 64 - Nintendo 64

Williams 1982 arcade release of Robotron 2084 was one of my favourite games growing up.  You controlled your man on a square playing field, and your goal was to blast your way through hordes of robots while rescuing humans.  474 more words


The Controller Report - Episode 5 - Pop Your Cordyceps Cherry

Almost a month to the day, Sergio, Miguel and David are back to talk about the possible eventual return of Semi64, XBOX Live memories, our favorite consoles, what went wrong with… 9 more words


Guide to World Domination

Have you ever tried conquering a large European country, equipped with nothing but a rubber dinghy and a small green plastic shovel? Well, I have. 907 more words

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Retro Game Friday: Star Wars Rogue Squadron

This week on Retro Game friday we are covering one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games ever, Rogue Squadron!

Story Synopsis: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is set in the fictional Star Wars galaxy, where a war is fought between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. 296 more words

Retro Game Friday