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10 Least Favorite N64 Games

Another list of 10 games, but this times, it is a list of games I hated. This one is much easier to do. 181 more words

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10 favorite N64 games

There were so many great games for the Nintendo 64. While there were some pieces of shit too, let’s look at a few positives today in a new list. 162 more words

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This is why we can't have nice things.

No one cared about the new 3DS XL…until Nintendo sold the one with the mask.

Any Zelda fan that has a true love for the franchise would want to have this. 609 more words

Third Party N64 Games That Didn't suck Vol. 3: Star Wars Rogue Squadron


Vol. 1: Beetle Adventure Racing
Vol. 2: Winback Covert Operations

Foreword (2015)

Originally this wasn’t part three of the series, but GOG took me by surprise with its recent re-release of the PC version of this game. 1,175 more words


My Top-10 3D Platformers

To be fair, I have never been as big of a fan of 3D platformers as I am of 2D platformers. But if it looks like a fish and swims like a fish, a fish it is, and obviously 3D platformers hold a certain degree of appeal for me. 2,074 more words

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The Dark Departure — The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

This past week was a rather exciting one for me in terms of video games. Via a Nintendo Direct presentation on the 14th, Nintendo released information on their New Nintendo 3DS console, specifically with a special… 903 more words


Vocês não vão acreditar no que a Rockstar já confirmou para "GTA VI"!

Ok, “Grand Theft Auto V” ainda vai sair pra PC e o povo ainda tá se deliciando com o modo online do game. Mas, a Rockstar já confirmou uma porrada de coisas sobre “ 495 more words