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Changes Coming To The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Earlier this month, after what seemed like a lifetime of teasers and speculation, Nintendo finally announced a remastered version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 443 more words


Video Games I'm Thankful For (Part 14)

The 14th article in the “Video Games I’m Thankful For” series brings us back to the Nintendo 64. Though it wasn’t the first of its series, this game became a staple for my generation of gamers and continues to be the forefront in friendly competition among my friends. 269 more words


WCW nWo Revenge - Retro Bits

Es uno de los mejores juegos de pelea que salió para el Nintendo 64. Claro muchos pueden decir que para el 64 no salieron títulos de Street Fighter ni de King of Fighters, pero siendo sinceros, los juegos de WCW/nWo programados por AKI aprovecharon muy bien la vacante. 346 more words


Wave Race 64 - Nintendo 64

This may sound like marketing speak, but if you want some help in getting passed the soon to come winter blues, then look no further than Wave Race 64.  464 more words


Cruis'n USA - Nintendo 64

Back in the mid 1990′s, racing games were making their transition from scaled 2D sprites to full on 3D polygonal graphics.  The popular racers of the day were Daytona USA, and Ridge Racer.  468 more words


Throwback Gems: Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing was first released in 1997 on the Nintendo 64, and was developed by Rare. Later in 2007 a enhanced remake was released on the DS, called Diddy Kong Racing DS. 235 more words

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