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We Are All Made of Estrellas

I never got to collect all 120 stars in the original Super Mario 64 and for that, I’ll always be a failure. Yeesh, well maybe I am being a little rough on myself but that definitely was a goal once upon a time. 330 more words


The Squirrel's Dirty Mouth

Nintendo’s brand is, rightfully so, associated with family-friendly entertainment in the minds of most people. Although the company does occasionally partake in the either development or the publishing of games with slightly more adult content, the inclination towards colorful characters and light-hearted scenarios runs deep within the vein of its developers and producers. 1,360 more words


468* brand new old games

With yet another computer nearing its end, I figured it was time to back up all of my files on my old external hard drive. It’s a no-name brand that holds about 320 GB and has a motor louder than my car when plugged in. 282 more words

Classic Gaming

Game Review: Star Fox 64

When I was a young lad, I didn’t own a ton of games that were fun to play and then replay on my N64. I usually played it, got bored and went to do something productive, with the exception of one game that I hold near and dear to my heart as my favorite game of all time, Star Fox 64. 789 more words


Retro Game Friday: NFL Blitz [N64 Edition]

This week I’m covering a favorite of mine and my brother that we used to play all the time. It’s NFL Blitz the N64 Edition! 168 more words


Throwback Thursday Review: F-Zero X

Today’s TBT Review is about the Nintendo 64 classic F-Zero X, released internationally in 1998. This game is easily one of the best games for the system, as well as the racing genre in general. 534 more words