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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball: I Almost Don't Know What To Feel About This

Imagine you’re playing a video game demo. At least, the game was free and you heard that you have to buy more than the taste that what you downloaded gave you. 803 more words


This week The Last Of Us fans were given a reason to be joyous. And when we say Last of Us fans that’s surely anyone who has played the apocalyptic adventure horror title from Naughty Dog. 582 more words


Super Smash Bros. Direct

In the recent Nintendo Direct dedicated to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for both Wii U and 3DS we got BOATLOADS of information on both versions of the game. 468 more words

Podcast #6

On this weeks podcast, I discuss: All the Smash Bros, Titanfall and 3rd Party Devs, Wii U Owners Unite!, and Half-fulfilled Predictions (Watch_Dogs). Also, leave any comments, thoughts, or opinions below, and make sure to answer this weeks question: 26 more words


Tomodachi Life Direct 4.10.14

Nintendo took us by suprise with not one but tow Nintendo Directs in one week! This time we shift gears to Tomodaichi Life. The Tomodachi franchise already has taken Japan by storm, selling more than 5.5 million games. 27 more words

Nintendo Directs

Introducing the Weird Tomodachi Life

Nintendo are the best when they go full on weird. Like just crazy. After the Smash Brother’s Nintendo Direct earlier this week, Nintendo also did a second, 10 minute, Nintendo Direct showing off Tomodachi Life. 81 more words