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The First 5 Video Game Box Designs Used For Nintendo's U.S. Video Games

You know being a fan of art, and being a gammer since the late 1980s, I have begun to find that not just the video games themselves are incredibly fascinating, but I have begun to find just about all other facets of video games to be interesting… 422 more words

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Swooosh Nintendo Wii U for You

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Musical Mondays: Twilight Princess - darkly mysterious

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess often gets passed off as something of a reimagined Ocarina of Time, and it’s not too difficult to see why; like most of the… 898 more words


Mario Kart 8 techniques

It feels like I have played nothing except Shovel Knight and Mario Kart 8 the last few weeks. After finally getting three stars on each Grand Prix cup, here are a few tips I discovered that were helpful: 744 more words

The Best Uses of the Wii U GamePad

If exclusive original content is Nintendo’s bread, then proprietary hardware is its butter. Just as the stereoscopic 3D of the 3DS has enabled unique experiences such as the lush landscapes of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies and the unique puzzles of Pushmo/Crashmo, the Wii U GamePad has opened up new possibilities for both Nintendo’s own games and third-party titles. 814 more words

Why Video Games are Seriously Good for Your Health

There’s a lot of social stigma about why video games are bad and destructive. Adults often see video and online games as violent and malicious resulting in violent, isolative behavior. 346 more words

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When it came to bringing Captain America: Super Soldier to the Wii, and eventually the 3DS, Sega looked to High Voltage Software, who also brought Iron Man 2 to the Wii and PSP handheld. 972 more words