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Debate Club: Why #paritygate Is a Serious Problem.

On Tuesday Chris initiated a debate based on the recent #paritygate controversy regarding Ubisoft and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  He does a great job recapping the story in his article, but for the lazy, here is a quick recap.  925 more words

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Aonuma Keeps Returning To Zelda In The Hope Of Making A Perfect Game

Originally appeared on NintendoLife

Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma exhibits all the traits of a true artist, from a willingness to buck the confines of tradition… 294 more words

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Hyrule Warriors: Discussion and Review

It’s no surprise to me that the fans like Hyrule Warriors better than the critics – just look at this Kotaku review where the reviewer notes “I’m a… 891 more words


Super Mario Galaxy Review

What can I say? Mario invented platformers. Super Mario Bros. showed the whole world how it’s done and when Nintendo made the step into three-whole dimensions, … 1,845 more words

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The Last Story Thoughts

The Operation Rainfall movement to get Nintendo’s last bit of Japanese Wii games, Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower released in North America is interesting movement. 1,032 more words

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You want to be WHAT for Halloween?!?!?! A Wii Remote

When I was growing up I always imagined how cool it would be to make my children’s Halloween costumes. My Mom made some fantastic costumes for me (although the beautifully painted cardboard butterfly wings did not fare so well in the rain). 557 more words


Metroid Other M Review

I have to say, the Metroid series may be one of the greatest selection of games series without a break. Between the good-for-its-time Metroid on the… 1,936 more words

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