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A Guided Tour of Game and Wario, Part 4


This is, unabashedly Pictionary. Which is not a bad thing at all. Think about it: nobody wants to pull out paper and pencils to play it and you’re definitely not going to pony up extra cash for one of the man digital versions out there. 589 more words


Watch_Dogs Review

Remember back in the late 1980s – early 90s when BetaMax and VHS tapes battled? I’m sure that was the high point of technology at the time; say for everything the military has secretly covered up. 433 more words


A Guided Tour of Game and Wario, Part 3


Of the memorable menagerie of WarioWare mascots, I’ve always been most partial to Dribble and Spitz. An anthropomorphic dog and cat duo, they’re partners in a taxi service with matching overalls and an amicable desire to make more money. 829 more words


Thank You

We made it through our first week and it has been exciting.  We’ve been working really hard on the site and have come up with some ideas for the near future. 100 more words