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Spreading the addiction

Today, one of my co-workers, Maria, informed me that she and her husband watched “Blink” recently and really loved it, and are now going to start watching more  751 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Eccleston Series

I have to admit I was never a fan of the classic Doctor Who series. I knew of it of course; a friend of mine in high school (ca. 538 more words


#TheFavoritesofDoctorWho April Photo Challenge – Day 11

Favorite “Behind The Scene” Photo

The Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, is my Doctor and I love seeing photos of happy times on the set. I wish he would’ve enjoyed the working environment enough to stay a few more seasons, but I’m happy with what I’ve got and these behind-the-scene gems are fantastic <3. 9 more words

Difference of opinion

It’s a bit ironic that today on my WordPress newsfeed, I was presented with two different articles, one saying how much writer prefers the RTD and the Tenth Doctor, and the other saying how much the writer prefers Moffat and the Eleventh Doctor. 520 more words

Doctor Who

The Unquiet Dead

The Doctor and Rose arrive in Cardiff, Christmas Eve 1860. The dead are walking and Charles Dickens is in town performing his one-man show.

Setting his first… 904 more words

Doctor Who

'Only Human'

ROBERTS, Gareth. Only Human. London: BBC Books, 2005.

`Somebody’s interfering with time. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack arrive on modern-day Earth to [...] discover a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct. 285 more words


The End of the World

The Doctor takes Rose to a party during the final hours of planet Earth.

Between the series opener Rose, and this second episode, Christopher Eccleston quit the role of the Doctor. 840 more words

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