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Doctor Who: Slitheen - The Green, the Good and the Ugly (Whovember #9: )


The first retrospective of the new series finds the lonely Ninth Doctor on his short travels. In particular, a look at his complete adventures involving the new series first recurring villains. 3,693 more words


My Favorite Doctor

Every Whovian has a favorite Doctor and I’m no exception. I first watched Doctor Who in the late 70’s when the incumbent was Jon Pertwee, but unlike many my first Doctor did not become my life-long number one. 752 more words

Favorite Quotes from the Ninth Doctor's era

Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor only appeared for one season, and while some of the special effects and story lines during his tenure were not the best, (though every season has it’s hits and misses) the 9th Doctor was a fascinating character and I believe a the ninth doctor was the perfect way to introduce the show to a new generation. 1,495 more words

Doctor Who Review: "Father's Day"--Never Had a Life Like That

“I’ve traveled to all sorts of places, done things you couldn’t even imagine, but you two. Street corner, two in the morning, getting a taxi home. 1,460 more words


The Twelfth Doctor arrives on Saturday 23 August 2014. And my anticipation is nil...

Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will debut on Saturday 23 August 2014 in a feature-length episode scripted by showrunner Steven Moffat entitled Deep Breath. What a dull title. 404 more words


Dr Who: Season One - A Press Start To Begin Look Back

Series:  1
Dr Who Actor:  Chris Eccleston
Companion:  Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)
Number of Episodes: 13

TV / Movies / Comics

4.4 & 4.5 - "Aliens Of London"/"World War Three"

The Doctor brings Rose home, in order to show her that she can be gone for weeks, yet return seemingly moments after first departing. But this being The Doctor, rather than arriving home “just twelve hours” after they left, something goes awry and they return twelve months later. 1,067 more words

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