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Doctor Who: Slitheen - The Green, the Good and the Ugly (Whovember #9)


The first retrospective of the new series finds the lonely Ninth Doctor on his short travels. In particular, a look at his complete adventures involving the new series first recurring villains. 3,690 more words


1.8 - "Father's Day"

Rose asks The Doctor to take her to the day her father, Pete, was killed. However, when Rose ends up saving his life instead, a paradox is created and suddenly Pete’s life isn’t the only one in danger. 1,408 more words

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Aliens of London: The Humans Grow Up

Enjoy this clip from Doctor Who: Aliens of London, courtesy blaiddrwgcorp:

ROSE: And where do you think you’re going? 

DOCTOR: Nowhere. It’s just a bit human in there for me. 521 more words

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The Best Stories

So, I was watching The Mummy on the Orient Express. You know the most recent episode of Doctor Who. The truth is I was still missing Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor. 225 more words

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Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

TARDIS Coordinates: June 11, 2005

The first season of the revived series ends with a bang, as does the Christopher Eccleston era – the briefest “era” in all of Doctor Who, though one that produced 10 stories in 13 episodes over a single season. 456 more words


Blink: Faith in Something

Enjoy this lovely (long) clip from Doctor Who: Blink. This scene begins at 6:10, and thank you, Hey!

SALLY: How could the Doctor have even known I had a list? 857 more words

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The End of the World: A History of People and a People of History

Clip from Doctor Who: The End of the World

ROSE: The end of the earth. It’s gone. And we were too busy saving ourselves. No one saw it go. 338 more words

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