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The Wonderful Land of Lactopia: A girl can dream, right?

Pretend we all live in a place called Lactopia, a wonderful land where everyone and every place was breastfeeding/mom friendly.

Okay, now snap back to reality…where people judge you for breastfeeding past the age of social norm, where people gawk and make rude comments as you’re feeding your child in public…I know I’m not alone! 541 more words


For the Nursing Moms and the "Friend" Who Reported My National Breastfeeding Month Photos

It’s National Breastfeeding Month! It is time to celebrate breastfeeding, promote it’s benefits and instill confidence in the women who want to breastfeed their babies. Did you celebrate by making your profile picture a breastfeeding photo? 1,451 more words


Catnip Arousal

Ever wonder how catnip works? It’s a plant related to mint, and it’s been known for centuries to drive felines nuts. There are compounds and oils in its leaves and twigs, one of which is called nepetalactone. 225 more words


The Big Latch On - Sarah B.

I live in the high desert of California, it’s around 100 degrees here by 10 am. So, why would I stand in line, outside, at 9:45am? 316 more words


Yoga Cats...

Hey sweeties! As you might recall from one of our earlier posts, we love taking Yoga lessons! :-D And today we’re super excited! Because today we’re about to learn our next Yoga move: the so-called… 25 more words

ReNormalize Breastfeeding

It’s 2 AM. I just fed Liam and trying to decide if I want to eat nachos/salsa or a bowel of cereal. These decisions are usually a lot easier when it’s not 2 AM!  566 more words

50 More Things That Are More Offensive Than Nursing In Public

August 1-7 marked World Breastfeeding Week and there were numerous articles that shared a variety of viewpoints about breastfeeding. As a 13 year Stay At Home Dad of six… 1,605 more words