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Day #1 | Sussex Rocks 2014 | Monsters Of Rock with Richard Perkins

Day 1 of Sussex Rocks Summer School began with a meet and greet getting to know you session. Students introduced themselves to the group and discussed songs to learn during the week in readiness for the performance on Friday (1st August). 214 more words

Bath Guitar School

Comparison between the individual session of meditation and the road one walks in the life of practice.

I’ve noticed similarities between the individual act/session of meditation (micro) and the way in which mindfulness – combined with meditation – effects me in my day to day life (macro). 346 more words


Road to Shambhala (more than just a song)

There are many legends of a mystical place in Buddhist literature about Shambhala, although there have been several historical accounts of expeditions seeking this mythical kingdom, no one has yet to glimpse where it could be. 335 more words


Buddhism and Happiness (Part III)

In my previous two posts I mentioned, very briefly, the path to happiness as expressed by Buddhism.

The aim of Buddhism is to reach Nirvana.  The roadmap to Nirvana is the Noble Eightfold Path. 327 more words

Aberdeen - Kurt Cobain

To miejsce zasługuje na osobny wpis. Z miłości do młodości, do szaleństwa, do Kurta i do jego muzyki zboczyliśmy trochę z drogi. Pojechaliśmy zobaczyć i pokazać swoim dzieciom miejsce szczególne, dom, w którym wychowywał się lider… 457 more words

Podróże Małe I Duże