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Nirvana vs Foo Fighters

This has probably been blogged many a time, but I’m new to this so I am gonna have my say ….

Nirvana or Foo Fighters who is better?? 223 more words


Kid Nirvana

There’s a local grocery store nearby that hands out free cookies to all children under 12. It amazes me to see just how excited a kid can get at the prospect of a free cookie. 112 more words


Buddhism and Happiness (Part II)

In my previous post I mentioned that the Buddhist state of Nirvana is very similar the the West’s interpretation of happiness: freedom from pain and suffering and a connection to universal values such that the individual can move effortlessly between the material and the spiritual worlds. 419 more words

I Want the D!!

I want the D

Alright, I know what you’re thinking about something different so let me just clear that up for you. When I say I want the D, I’m talking about the D in the names of my favourite songs, all of which happen to start with a D. 887 more words


The Wytches

The Wytches – Gravedweller

this groove


State of Third Eye

This article is the second phase of my previous article “Lets Fly..!! There I have share my views on living life beyond the so called societal concept of Survival and move towards the life of Purpose with Purpose. 490 more words


Attaining Nirvana

Cameron: Hey Alex, for today’s discussion I was thinking of bringing up some grunge. We can’t always be sitting around and talking classic rock! Just by saying grunge I think that you already know what I’m about to say. 1,712 more words