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Review - Fairy Fencer F

Last year, Compile Heart established a special label called Galapagos RPG for, as they say «true JRPG fans». Being a great fan of the genre, such hyperbolic declaration made me curious and I thus threw myself on this curious mixture of classic JRPG and fan-service JRPG. 718 more words


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - Now Available Across Australia and New Zealand

Awww yiss! It is finally here, people! Get ready to be sent into a world filled only with death and sadness, but one that you’ll have a good time trying to survive in. 386 more words


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review

Danganronpa’s apparent existence outside of Japan prior to its official release is something that confuses me greatly.  Yes, there was an anime adaptation made three years after the first game’s release, but the original PSP title recieved a fan translation which was apparently something of a major hit with a certain subset of kids on Tumblr.   1,769 more words

Video Game Review

Test - Fairy Fencer F

L’an dernier, Compile Heart a créé un label spécial appelé Galapagos RPG destiné, je cite, «aux vrais fans de RPG japonais». En grand fan du genre, ma curiosité fut piquée au vif et je me suis donc plongé dans ce curieux mélange entre JRPG classique et JRPG fan-service. 917 more words


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited - Review

A man only has two things in this world: His word and his balls. Any good man wouldn’t break either for anybody. That’s a lesson that I was originally taught by Al Pacino in his role as Tony Montana from the hit 80s film ‘Scarface’. 1,367 more words


Disgaea 5 - Meet Kilia, Seraphine and Usalia

The Netherworld is a strange but wonderful place full of odd creatures both horrendous and cute. If you’re a human weighed down by sin you’ll be sent to the pits of the Netherworld where you’ll be broken down and built back up as a penguin-like creature called a Prinny. 599 more words


Disgaea 5 Is Looking Damn Good! First Screenshots Released

It’s so close to the announcement of the game and already Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) have released the very first screenshots and character design images of their upcoming RPG title ‘Disgaea 5′. 364 more words