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Preoccupied mind clearance

My Grandfather used to say to my Father – “कर्म किये जा फल की आशा मत कर ऐ इंसान, जैसा कर्म करेगा वैसा फल देगा तुझको भगवान |” Needless to say, my father use to repeat the same words to me. 543 more words


The Pagan Experience - Week 3 - Deities and The Divine

Deity and the Divine- This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you.

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Am I a nerd?

I am gonna say something that I wanted to say out loud but can’t cause no one likes that kind of person in this college. 417 more words

the Nit Programming Language

“Nit is an object-oriented programming language. The goal of Nit is to propose a robust statically typed programming language where structure is not a pain…”




Cyclone are employed to collect relatively large siza particulate matter from a gaseous stream through the use od centrifugal forces. Dust laden gas is made to rotate in a decreasing pathway forcing solids to the outer edge of gthe gas stream for deposition into the bottom of the cyclone.Efficiencies of 90% for particle sizes of microns or greater is possible. 98 more words

CE102 : Environmental Science And Engineering


1 PPM CO2= 2.12 GtC

For example ; knowing the concentration of CO2 in 2006 was 380 ppm ,the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere can be estimated to be… 485 more words

CE102 : Environmental Science And Engineering