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"It's fine. Just ignore it."

 I’m one of those personalities that likes to stay busy in one way or another. Whether it be lining up videos for work, working on producing another person, working on art, or just keeping busy by going out and enjoying relaxing moments such as falling asleep in an acupuncturist’s chair. 680 more words

We!come to Crystal Blue's Blogging page!!! Let's talk about it

Thought I would start this out with a little about myself. I work with NiteFirt which as some of you know is a phones sex operators network. 285 more words

Some things.

As you all should know by now, I am extremely entertained by religious iconography. My bathtub edges are overloaded with saint candles, I love goofy little figurines and have them peppered along various surfaces in my home. 131 more words

Happy Thursday, nerds!

I took this picture of my beautiful self today and I thought I’d generously share with you guys! Wank and weep, losers. And visit me on my… 15 more words

Discussing Taboo Kinks and Such

As you all know, I work on Le Internets. NiteFlirt is my main page, and since I go through the third party format service, there are indeed obscenity laws (who knew!) that restrict discussing certain sexual fetishes on said website. 371 more words