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My Tooth Saga (Continued)

I have been dealing with my #15 toothache since last May. From this experience, I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no way I will ever become addicted to Vicodin.  567 more words

A Brief History of Dentistry

Dentistry as a form of surgical procedure is pretty ancient. The practice’s earliest roots can be traced back to the ancient Sumerians, a civilization that existed along the famous Fertile Crescent back in 5000 B.C. 213 more words

General Dentistry

Short Term Love

What if you only had one year of pleasure with someone who you loved deeply? One year with your favorite person. One year to sit beside them, hear their voice, listen to their stories, but one year only. 263 more words


Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone - Huayra

I never thought I’d see Nitrous Oxide return to his older sound. Colour me surprised.

Not only has Krzysztof seemingly returned to the sound of his older Anjunabeats releases, but he’s also roped in… 154 more words


Sedation Options for a Stress-Free Smile

At the office of Dr. Brad Greenfield, we look forward to coming into the office each day for work, but we understand that not everyone views a trip to the dentist office with the same enthusiasm. 624 more words

Sedation Dentistry

Face Your Fears with Sedation Dentistry!

Although many dentists would love for every person to enjoy going to the dentist, the reality is that many people feel quite the opposite. Having a fear of the dentist is a common fear many people face, and it can deter them from getting the much needed dental work they need done accomplished. 334 more words

Aspen Dental Care

I May Be In Hell, But At Least I'm High

I’m afraid of dentists. I don’t suffer from dentophobia because phobias are irrational and my fear is grounded in facts.

One reason I find the experience so awful is because I’m resistant to the effects of novocaine. 297 more words