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Clariel by Garth Nix

I can’t even explain how excited I was for this book. The Abhorsen Trilogy has been my favorite set of books for many years now. Clariel was this chance for a whole new set of characters and adventures. 377 more words


Frosty the Snowmans Awkward moment

I was recently out on an adventure with Santa and Frosty the Snowman and let’s just say the snow dude went AWOL…..and was found where…in the library reading…WHAT?? 13 more words


Nostalgia: OSvirtual Virtual images of operating systems

OSvirtual is a collection of virtual images of operating systems.

It’s a resource for those who want to recall some operating system/distribution, to try unknown OS or just to play with the virtual toy :) 8 more words

Power User

Erasing your traces in *nix servers with python script

You can use this script after exploitation for erasing your traces .But , i don’t care if you hack somebody and erase with this script it’s your crime :) . 33 more words


.xyz ... just simple n elegan

Seperti diketahui, nama website dan e-mail yang ada didunia kebanyakan mempunyai nama domain berakhiran .com. Tiga besar akhiran domain adalah :.com,.net,dan .org.

Penyedia nama domain disebut registrar.  317 more words