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What's the order of complexity (Big O) of this code

I initially thought the complexity is O(n^3) because the inner loop goes to i*i, but now I think the complexity is O(n^2) because of the “break” statement. 62 more words

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running dig DNS under Windows

The dig (domain information groper) command under unix/Linux is a great way to help verify that a DNS host like BIND is working properly.

A few of my servers are Linux, but most of my desktops usually are Windows, so I was happy to find the  212 more words

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rm -rf returns 'Operation not permitted'

First time see that a couple minutes ago. One day I deleted whole OS without any prompting (rest in peace Ubuntu 10.10).

Trying to delete… 47 more words


Lock and unlock resources with single command

I am working with threads and that’s the reason I use mutexes for locking shared resources. The base usage of locking is to put resources within Lock/unlock block. 128 more words

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Nix Packages collection

Nixpkgs is a collection of packages for Nix package manager. Nixpkgs also includes NixOS linux distribution source code. Original POst>>


Shell script for restarting tomcat



There are two shell scripts for starting up and shutting down tomcat instance. The former is… 89 more words