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Running bash scripts defined in a Nix file.

If one has default.nix defined similar to:

stdenv.mkDerivation { 
  name = "myPackage"; 
  foo = ''
    echo "hello world"
    echo "hello me"
} 43 more words

Using python with Nix, learning about environment variables and setup-hooks

I was in the #nixos IRC today. And myself and qknight were trying to get python working with nix for him, we had help from Lethalman. 229 more words

Mac/PC: sending Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packets

I’ve succesfully woken up these machines:

  • HP XW6600 running ESXi 5.1
  • ThinkPad W701U running Windows 7

I still need to try to wake up a Mac Mini Server running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). 125 more words

Power User

LHA - Clarity (11 track album)

LHA – Clarity (11 track album)

11 track album – tap to play or purchase download available – Australian Hip Hop

“CLARITY” is a brand new album from LHA. 90 more words

Australian Hip Hop

Installing Oracle Java JDK/JRE on RedHat Linux

Applies to:

  • RHEL v5 or newer

To the rest of us, the included OpenJDK shipped on our RHEL installer is more than enough. But for some peculiar reason, application vendors requires specific oracle’s java version, which is annoying. 267 more words