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Firewalk-Script On BackTrack 5

Firewalk script is used to test open ports of hosts that are behind the firewall .

Command Used :

root@bt:~# nmap –script=firewalk –traceroute <target ip-address>
see the scrren shot

Dark Side Of Hacking

How to execute a Heartbleed attack (new revision)

It follows the new revision (rev. B) of my article about Heartbleed attack:


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Scan Conficker Menggunakan nmap

Beberapa hari ini saya dan mas eko menerima komplain tentang koneksi internet yang lambat alias lemot. Dugaan awal adalah karena penyedia layanan (ISP) yang bermasalah. Kemudian mas eko melakukan tes koneksi ketika shift malam saat tidak ada klien yang hidup (terkoneksi ke jaringan) dan hasilnya ternyata normal,seharusnya jika ISP yang bermasalah tes koneksi juga akan lambat,meskipun hanya 1 atau beberapa klien yang terkoneksi. 233 more words

Caranya Gini

Up and Running with Kali Linux and Friends

When it comes to measuring the security posture of an application or network, the best defence against an attacker is offence. What does that mean? It means your best defence is to have someone with your best interests (generally employed by you), if we’re talking about your asset, assess the vulnerabilities of your asset and attempt to exploit them. 4,860 more words


Nmap - Penetration Testing Tool

Note: Remember Nmap is one of the familiar tool used by hackers, thus your ISP is quiet aware about the Nmap flags – see for yourself that you don’t scan unauthorized network or IP. 757 more words


Performing network discovery and security audits with Nmap

I was looking at a software to perform network discovery and security audits, where I discovered the open source utility Nmap (http://nmap.org/), OK I was already aware of it! 200 more words