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masscan – The Fastest TCP Port Scanner

masscan is the fastest TCP port scanner. It can scan the entire Internet in under 6 minutes, transmitting 10 million packets per second.

It produces results similar to… 591 more words

Firewalk via NMAP

Not new by any means but I came across an ISC post that was talking about the firewalk technique and I figured I’d drop a little update here for it. 118 more words


Using NMAP to Detect Broadcast Traffic

Came across this post on the ISC diary (highly recommend keeping an eye there if you don’t already).  The short version is that nmap can be used to detect any protocols that send broadcast packets (and are supported by packetdecoders.lua): 92 more words


Nmap Cheat Sheet

Basic Scanning Techniques

Scan a single target —> nmap

Scan multiple targets —> nmap

Scan a list of targets —-> nmap -iL

Scan a range of hosts —-> … 883 more words

Network Audit

Device search in subnet with python script

This script is searching a subnet with ping.It’ll only show devices which respond to ping ( some Windows servers are closed to ping ) and devices that is not closed.You can change it for other classes of subnets. 62 more words


instal program pada linuxmint 17

Setelah update menjadi linuxmint 17, instalan pada linuxmint 15 hilang, jadi sebagai catatan saya tulis apa saja yang saya perlukan untuk penggunaan sehari-hari :)


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Automatic Nmap Script

This short post concentrates on presenting a Bash script that I’ve written few months ago as I thought it’d be quite useful to test feasibility or real time impact of various attacks. 317 more words

Automatic Scan