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Invisible illness

Just a quick post.

Raising awareness of what it’s like to be living with an ‘invisible chronic illness’ aka, an illness which a person is suffering but it is not always possible to see they are in pain or not well from looking at them. 254 more words


Ketamine antidepressant effect

Ketamine, an injectable anesthetic that has been shown to exert a rapid but short-lived antidepressant effect, may reduce suicidal ideation independently of a reduction in depressive symptoms, new research suggests. 524 more words


It's a bit of a poo-poo subject

There are some aspects of life that people just never want to talk about. Your bowel movements are one of them. It is a bit of a poo-poo subject (excuse the pun). 512 more words


Why I think DVLA should stand for Delays Very Long Always

I have vague, yet fond memories of my first letter of complaint. It must have been two decades ago now, but I will try my best to paint the scene for you. 499 more words