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Spring Cleaning

“Today the northern hemisphere is celebrating the first day of spring, an event marked by the spring – or  equinox.”

March Equinox in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom is on…

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Glucocorticoid Modulation of NMDARs via G Proteins

In their 2012 paper (summarized here), Zhang et al. proposed that corticosterone can rapidly modulate NMDA-evoked currents independently of their “classic” intracellular receptors, but through the actions of a G protein-coupled receptor (Zhang et al., 2012). 576 more words


Should We Consider Pregnenolone?

A number of recent studies have demonstrated that glucocorticoids (GCs) are able to modulate NMDA receptor function independent from their classical intracellular receptors. This is part of the growing interest in understanding the rapid nongenomic effects GCs exert at the onset of the stress response prior. 761 more words