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15/08/14 - Tei Shi

Who doesn’t love Beyoncé? Who wouldn’t want an EXTRA opportunity to listen to a fab Beyoncé song? Tei Shi covers ‘No Angel’ – it’s fantastic, of course. 12 more words


"No Angel (Beyoncé Cover)" - Tei Shi

Valerie Teicher, conocida como Tei Shi, es una cantante de Brooklyn, nacida en Argentina y criada entre Bogotá y Canadá. La mezcla multicultural sólo puede traer beneficios y de esto es prueba su música, llena de variaciones y elementos poco familiares, pero en últimas encantadora e inusuálmente atractiva. 104 more words

24/7 listening

this has been on repeat for multiple weeks and i love beyonce/superfruit/pentatonix and i smile every time mitch begins singing “baby put your arms around me”

 No Angel – Beyoncé

Com batidas fortes e vocais de tirar o folego Beyoncé cria essa obra prima. Recomendo

"Know I'm not the girl you thought you knew and that you wanted… 6 more words

Beulah, peel me a grape.

I’m No Angel

A movie with Mae West and Cary Grant—does it get any better? From the Did You Know File: When West’s character, Tira, opens the chest to show her friend some jewelry, there are photos attached to the inside lid of several men, including actors Barton MacLane, Nat Pendleton, Edmund Cobb, and Randolph Scott who was, at the time, the real-life “roommate” of the film’s leading man Cary Grant. 62 more words