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Cartoon life

Today I have had so much fun with my Mobile phone and the apps tooncamera and halftone. The former can take photos and create videos directly into cartoons or it can convert from your camera roll into cartoons. 35 more words

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Retromania 1.0

I just love all kinds of vintage looks and designs i.e. Clothes, furniture and household stuff. Its both the colours but also the shapes and patterns. 14 more words

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Editing on Mobile devices

So I have tried to edit my photos and pictures on PC as I like the big screen – however I constantly find that it is so much easier on mobile devices. 32 more words

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Popart from photos

Creating popart is easy, if you can live with the presets in existing free programmes. In the examples below, I have used either befunky.com on my computer or the app Picsart on my mobile phone. 50 more words

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Revitalising the blog!

What’s a better reason to revitalise one’s blog than with the Blogging 101: Zero to Hero course from The Daily Post?

So welcome again to my blog about Scouting and everything that is even slightly related to it. 22 more words


Portraits - telling a story

Posters or collages is a great way to give portrait photos new life and place the portrait in new surroundings – telling af story of the person in the portrait. 21 more words

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This is a collection of random thoughts, or sometimes not so random thoughts. Things that keep me busy, or rather what keeps my mind busy. Things I’d like to say to someone, but I can’t or sometimes am affraid to… Just a collection of drafts. 61 more words

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