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Sure, I Can Wait All Day For You Mr Courier!

Sure – no problem! I have nothing better to do on a Saturday than sit home all day and wait for you to collect my item between the ever-so-specific hours of 8am & 6pm! 94 more words


Rainy Complainy Bookshop 2: Electric Boogaloo

Howdy everyone, long time no vent! I need this space to have a chat about this total donut hole of a man who visited my shop the other day. 476 more words


No Class, Let Us Celebrate

Today was what I like to call the “sleep until it’s time to go to work” day. On Wednesdays and Fridays I don’t have class, so I take those days to either catch up on sleep, get some homework done, or go to tutoring for my French II class. 176 more words

Amanda S

Reflection of Day 92: April 02, 2014

Wednesday = student government!

I was disappointed that the things we were supposed to get done in the end fell through. Lesson learned not the entrust certain things with certain people…as a student leader it is irresponsible to just not show up at the meeting, not tell anyone (especially if said person had something to turn in that other members were depending on the person for) and not respond to the group messages. 32 more words

The Dirty Selfie

I’ve never been much of a selfie person. I figure, if you don’t have any friends to take pictures of you, why show the world how sad your life is by taking a picture of yourself, and then everyone will know you don’t have any friends? 660 more words


Working With Numpties: Episode 1

I work with three morons. Maybe that doesn’t say much for me, especially as they all get paid more than I do… ;-)

I’ve always wanted to keep a journal of the idiotic things they say and realized that this blog is actually the perfect place to do that! 224 more words


One Class

Today was good because I only had one class.

The business writing teacher was sick, so that was good. The only class was Managerial at 13:30-14:45, so I didn’t have to get up till late. 51 more words

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