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Toastmasters' First Meeting

Well, I survived the first meeting of Toastmasters!  It was an interesting and intriguing experience.  We had about a dozen members there from all walks of life.   455 more words

About Me

Hate Mail

No one is ever going to like everything you do. People are always going to criticize and talk behind your back. You can either push yourself to the limit trying to please everyone or realize that you can’t do anything about how others feel and continue with what you’re doing. 492 more words

No Fear

Last night at small group, we got on the topic of that morning’s sermon. I wasn’t able to go to church because I had to work, but this quote from our pastor came out and shattered my preconceived notions that I had a clue, “We are called live in the same capacity that we are loved.” Did you get that? 631 more words

No Fear Factor

I awake startled, in night sweats, breathing heavily with my heart racing frantically..no this isn’t some fictional story I’m constructing in my head. This is real.  518 more words

First Post

May you actively chose Jesus over fear and worry and then each tiny step becomes major victory steps from which blossoms strong faith!

Fear and worry keep you connected to the physical realm, and to truly worship God you must worship Him in spirit and in truth. God wants to give you more, He wants to bring you to a place where you are deeply aware that He loves you so much that it makes no sense to worry, nor fear. 214 more words

A Deeper Fellowship