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i'm still drunk

But throwing caution to the wind, with regard to my data usage limits. I should be dancing my life away in a club right now. I LOVE dancing. 147 more words

Drunk but have no friends to text

Here I am, a mother of two, wife of one, drunk with no one to text. I’ve already cleaned the whole kitchen and bathroom, now I’m watching t.v. 348 more words

That time of the year again.

It’s that time of the year again, when you remind yourself of not minding loneliness. Sometimes, solitude becomes a bliss. Other times like today, it is a curse. 110 more words

Daily Chronicles

Feels Like War...

I have so much to do in this up coming week, and all I want to really do is sleep. I still haven’t gotten my prom dress, because I have a few picked out. 99 more words

How to Generate Leads for your Business

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How to get rid of your friends

1. Stop talking to them.

2. Stop seeing them.

3. Criticize and offend them.

4. Tell them they suck.

5. Throw eggs at them.

6. Fuck their partners. 39 more words