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My Friend, Loneliness

The last three days I have come home from work, made dinner, eaten by myself, gone to the gym, watched the Walking Dead, and then gone to sleep – all without talking to or interacting with another human being. 262 more words

Life Ponderings

I agree

-I totally agree
-I’m your best friend, so you can tell me everything
-I don’t trust your so call friends
-Don’t like his Facebook or Instagram post and he don’t know you. 8 more words


Most people think of the word “Season” to mean a block of 3 months out of the year.

While the word “Season” relates to those 4 time periods, it has an entirely different meaning in the Fashion Industry. 164 more words



I really need to make some friends that I am good friends with and that I go out and do stuff with. I’m tired of sitting in my dorm by myself doing nothing all week and all weekend. 63 more words

Friend help

I going to write this blog about friends in general. This is probably going to not make sense but these are my feelings.

I always been ok with friends. 159 more words


On friendship, and loyalty

Recently there something a character on the wire (of all places) said which is sticking in my mind. That in life the best you get is your family, and one or two friends who are like family, that’s it. 1,078 more words