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I guess my social life has gone away and my boyfriend('s brain) followed it...

I’m angry with my boyfriend. I have no friends and he keeps talking about his friends! He doesn’t care about my social life! No one does… 96 more words


The Triple Standard....

Look,…there’s no fooling myself as to what I am. But, I’m not here to hide or change, and I know that’s hard for everyone else, or even, all of you. 566 more words


They can be the most amazing thing but also the worst thing to happen. Mostly the bad part is when you break up or the part after when you still have feelings and they couldn’t care less. 165 more words

Soon, I'll Have None.

I’m pushing my friends away.
One by one.
Soon, I’ll have none.

December 2014

Going to the doctors

Well going to the doctors isn’t much fun for anyone. I especially hate going to the doctors because they always tell me something is wrong with me. 158 more words

Why It's Okay to Not Have Friends

I’m a college student, and I recently realized I don’t have any friends. I have a boyfriend, woohoo, but friends? Nope. I realized it when my boyfriend was working the other night and I was sitting at home. 326 more words


A Can't Miss Investment

What is the only thing you can invest in that can’t go down? You! You can change anything that you want to. Have no friends? Don’t be a negative douche bag. 247 more words