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Half-Way Point

Well here it is, mid-way. Half my summer gone. I think it was utterly ridiculous for my parents to practically force me to go to not one new school, but two. 121 more words

Kill Me Now

No "friends" for me, thanks

I ain’t got no Facebook friends. Yeppers, not a one, although I do have a page. I wonder occasionally if there are others like me, but there’s really no way to know. 1,250 more words

Culture/Pop Culture

So Alone

I am feeling so alone , I guess you could say I am feeling lonely and that I am a bit homesick , yes you read right I am homesick and the weird thing is I miss the oddest things. 48 more words

Things I’ve learnt since I left school

-The people you thought were your friends probably aren’t your friends

-That teacher you had the hots for probably isn’t that hot.

-Same goes for that girl/boy… 264 more words

No Summer Fun

I have to spend my entire summer babysitting and you may say well how does that stop you from having fun this summer? Well it does I… 197 more words


Reader Interaction Required

Nothing fancy here. No theme, just questions.

Have you ever had a friend before? (For most people, that’s a yes.)

Have you ever loved that friend? 150 more words


Naturally pessimistic

Hi all,

It might not sound as a surprise to you if you’ve read my previous blog posts but, I’ve recently accepted and began to understand that I am naturally pessimistic. 335 more words