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Easy Heatless Waves

Good morning friends,

No one loves super straight hair more than the girl you see in the picture above, but most days she just can’t manage it. 481 more words


No heat curls for bed

Heat is the devil for Mt hear…from the days if over straightening when I was 18 my hair was ruined and resulted in it being cut short. 210 more words


Preventing and Recovering From Heat Damage!

Hey Curlfriends! <3

The majority of us curlies have dealt with heat damage at some point in our hair journey. It sucks! Like I’ve stated many times, I was obsessed with my flat iron for many years. 996 more words

Topics Of Discussion

Quick, No Heat Hairstyle: Side Braid

This hairstyle really doesn’t seem like much and that’s because it isn’t. But, hear me out. I had initially done this simply to get my hair out of the way as I have a tendency to play with my strands. 370 more words


7 Awesome Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat

Modern technology has made it easier than ever before to get just about any hairdo you can think up, but you have to use your styling tools wisely to avoid damaging your hair. 725 more words

Quick, easy and heat-free method to curl your hair!

If, like me, you are blessed with fine hair then you’ll know how difficult it is to find a heat-free method of effectively curling your hair so it stays looking nice all day. 472 more words