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A difficult day.

Today hasn’t really got any better being honest. The physical anxiety seems to have lessened as the day wore on. When I arrived at work my friend Mark looked at me and said straight away “Are you okay? 503 more words

Is this it?

I’ve had a pretty bad night, it’s windy and I awoke around 04:30, since then I have been lying panicking, crying, struggling to breathe and relax. 83 more words

Snakes and ladders

Sunday morning, I’m having my breakfast, my heart is beating a bit too fast, chest is tight-part of me hopes I have a heart attack. I awoke quite early,decent sleep. 422 more words

What happened?

He looked in the mirror, and a stranger looked back.
‘Coward’ the stranger mouths, and the boy took a step back as the words hit him. 534 more words



As my day goes on I’m falling further into despair. I’m at a venue my wife and I visited so many times to see live music, great nights. 91 more words

Pigs like to investigate, oops I mean generalize


This asshole pig Aaron King thinks he is Sherlock fucking Holmes deducing that all disc golfers are pot smokers. Is that investigating or generalizing? I think the latter. 111 more words

It starts again tomorrow

As I lay awake in bed taking one last hit of the bong, I reflect on the events of my day. Nothing stands out, except for the normal feelings of turmoil I am cursed with. 127 more words