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Sadducee Joke

Why are they called Sadducees???

The Saducees were religious leaders during the time of Jesus. They were scholars of the Law of Moses.  Unfortunately these men did not know God. 28 more words

(Advent Week 1: Hope) There's Always Hope. Always.

Everything I knew to be true shifted when the doctor said, “There’s no hope.”

If, there’s no hope, there’s nothing to anticipate, nowhere to go, no air to breathe. 302 more words


God wants you to speak to the mountain

The day after Jesus cursed a fig tree the disciples noted that it had withered and died. Peter pointed the tree out to Jesus who said to him: 360 more words

A Word From The Word

Last night a Gumshield saved my life (sung like "last night a DJ saved my life)

I am back in the blogosphere after a short break, can’t really explain the break easily as there have been so many factors…

My cousin has been staying with me recently, she stayed for a week and a half-sometimes just didn’t really feel I had the opportunity to blog. 382 more words

Software Engineering Lesson #1: NEVER assume domain knowledge

This is a lesson for me as a teacher more than for students. Although I hope I will be able to transfer it to students too. 166 more words


The evidence is all around us

I hear this all the time from people who believe in God. Evidence that God exists is everywhere you look. If that’s the case, why can’t I see it? 704 more words


Over the Abyss : Day 12 Nano Poblano

Still, all around is still

The night is black the air is chill

The fear is harsh inside  my guts

White pain through out my soul erupts. 99 more words