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my bird has gone away
“it’s just for now” my mother said
but buried with him are my hopes of seeing the ones who’ve gone

The last day...

It was the last day they could have ever met! Her last day in his town.
With every breath, she just prayed for his one glimpse. 194 more words


Night Shift

Here’s another poem I’ve been working on. It still needs work but, let me know what you think.

With each new day I awake to the dawning of a brand new yesterday. 29 more words


Rabid Thursdays

Ok, so now Thursdays in my life are now officially known as Rabid Thursdays as long as this promotion continues. The low price makes people come in droves, act like we are stupid for working in  hospitality (I have a degree thank you very much!) and ask stupid questions which I can only assume is caused by the brain shutting down all other thought processes than HALF PRICE FOOD MUST EAT. 331 more words


Soup Kitchen or Smorgasbord?

I would venture a guess that more Islanders eat at Soup Kitchens than at Smorgasbords (All you can eat meals)here on PEI. However, not all Islanders have to eat at soup kitchens visit food banks or shop carefully at No Frills outlets. 334 more words


Not qualified

Yesterday I was at my second interview for an internship and I rocked it, I thought. But sadly I got the call that I did not have the qualifications they needed. 121 more words

Ann Nielsen