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Life Is OK

My ADSL went down on Thursday night.

The internet today is like the lights in the house. When we click on that switch we expect the lights to work. 748 more words


Update: Internet

I posted previously that my internet was down at home.

I got home from the FRC course last night and it was working again. It seems I had a phone line down somewhere outside my house, I got a call from the repairman while I was in class the other day. 298 more words


The Good and the Bad

This week has been mixed for me. Both very good things and very bad things have happened.

As I have mentioned in my previous article… 565 more words

Crazy Family

No Internet, Promote a Gig!

No Internet. Promote a Gig

How would you go about promoting a show without the use of the internet? Currently we rely on the internet to promote absolutely everything, it is a great tool to talk to the general public and just to get things done. 782 more words



Aaaaand MONDAY, we’re up to date again!

Dear pancaketeers,

it’s already Tuesday because I was too lazy to post last night, even though I had the time. 99 more words

Letters From Nottingham

Ruby Rod here... Still alive.

Well things have been a little hectic in the world of Kyla. A lot happened. I was planning on writing about my experience in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) thus far, a post of a book review, and a post on my meditation and job hunting. 46 more words