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When the Internet is Down

This South Park clip made me laugh because although it’s over the top, it precisely captures how we all react when the internet is down.


NO INTERNET. &yr10 -Monday 14th April 2014 (saved as draft)

Hi guy sorry for the massive f*cking delay; our internet got cut off for a whole week-_-. Got my tablet though yay!!!! I’ll post the unboxing pics i took soon:D don’t ask ok i was so excited. 512 more words


We are never truly independent.

Good day to all my readers out there. Or morning. Or night. Wherever you are. Sorry for the late posting, I just got an internet connection that has the capability of posting a blog. 757 more words

No Internet and Something Like a Vacation

I’ve been away on vacation, so it’s been a while since my last post.

It is so refreshing to post an honest out of office message that says “I will not have access to email.” 381 more words

The Makings Of An Autobiography

Day 101.

Wedding Prep… Jars and Bottles

So, been away from internet connection for three days, time for some catch up!

4 hour drive and some great family times, Day 101!


Disconnect to Reconnect.

Let’s face it, we’re hyper-connected. We’re over-connected. We’re pretty much never not-connected. We’ve always been taught that everything should be had in moderation – but it seems that a constant connection to the internet has been left off this list. 650 more words

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