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Ruby Rod here... Still alive.

Well things have been a little hectic in the world of Kyla. A lot happened. I was planning on writing about my experience in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) thus far, a post of a book review, and a post on my meditation and job hunting. 46 more words


No Internet at home

It’s killing me, it really is. Who thought I’d go down so easy?

Here’s a pic of what’s going on outside my kitchen window every 6am.


Oh! The melodrama!


DAY 17 Cut from the world

I have been out of Internet since wednesday night. And I had to go to Macdonalds for free Internet yesterday to check my messages. It’s the second time that the lousy Huawei router has broken down. 187 more words


This Year Let's Pretend It's 1986 (OR NOT)

Hand’s up… Who would do this?!

Would you do it for the right price?

I MIGHT for a million dollars. MIGHT. I think my biggest fear/issue with living in 1986 in 2014 is losing touch with family/friends. 47 more words

What to do when you have no internet

Right now, I’m currently surrounded by beautiful countryside, in a converted barn cottage within the Durham Dales. It’s particularly lovely over here, although the weather’s not great at the moment. 222 more words

First Impressions

As most people in Finland, I’ve been on numerous cruises to Stockholm and Tallinn, but right away it was clear that those ships have nothing on this one! 440 more words


Escaping civilisation in Muang Ngoi

Muang Ngoi in Laos was one of those special places you sometimes stumble across while travelling.
A tiny village on the Mekong River that only got electricity a year ago, this is the perfect place to relax and watch life go by. 364 more words