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Escaping civilisation in Muang Ngoi

Muang Ngoi in Laos was one of those special places you sometimes stumble across while travelling.
A tiny village on the Mekong River that only got electricity a year ago, this is the perfect place to relax and watch life go by. 364 more words


What to do When the Internet is Down

After a recent thunderstorm we found ourselves facing a daunting prospect:  No Internet/TV/Home phone for the next 2 days! 48 hours without the usual distractions.  A chance to connect with real people.   145 more words


Can anyone hear me?

Greetings, from Burton Island!

Land of 72 degrees. The breeze carries scents of pumpkin spice and cheese dip. It’s the busy season on Burton Island. It’s football season. 654 more words

What I did without Internet or TV for a week

We’re just back from hiking 5 days in Yellowstone. I apologize now for the multiple posts and photos I’m sure to fill my blog with. We had an amazing trip. 593 more words


We've Got a Problem

Most times when I call to a help center, I choose to talk to a real person. But when Ms. Automated Help Line took my phone call, she intrigued me so that I played her game. 539 more words


This world is driving me crazy...

It is such a first world problem, really… But we’ve had no internet (and no TV – not that that’s a big loss, though) since we moved into our apartment. 459 more words

Android? Too many pattern attempts? Can't hard reset? Here what to do!

I had pattern screen lock on my HTC One X Android phone. Yesterday my nephew tried to unlock it too many times and it got… 419 more words