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The No Knead Bread Saga: Part 1 - Hubris

“It’s so easy a four-year-old could make it.” A headline that caught my eye whilst I was touring the internet (I’m British, we don’t surf). A few clicks, a skim read and a moment of pondering later I started to get really excited. 870 more words


No-Knead Bread

So something pretty glorious happened in November of 2006: The New York Times posted a recipe adapted from Jim Lahey called “No-Knead Bread.” 2006 also happened to my junior year of college—an incredibly fun year—but a year in which I was definitely not reading cooking blogs. 549 more words


Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Popper Beer Bread

I love bread. There’s nothing better than it’s yeasty smell filling up my kitchen. A no knead bread? Even better! All that same great smell and taste, but none of the tedious work. 240 more words


The Staples: Daily Bread

It all started with a starter. Her name was Adelaide, and she produced many delicious sourdough pancakes as well as a few semi-dense loaves in her day. 510 more words

You Need No-Knead Bread Dough in Your Fridge!

500th POST!!!! 500th POST!!!! Thanks to all of you for following, commenting, liking, and cooking with Hot, Cheap & Easy these past few years. I appreciate your support and love having your company on this food and life journey…Don”t forget to sign up for email alerts if you haven’t already! 681 more words


Roti Ga Pake Pegel

Roti itu wenak. Yup, siapa ga suka roti. Apalagi Tita. Dia pasti milih roti daripada nasi. Dan aku berusaha roti ini cukup jadi cemilan dan bukan makanan pokok buat Tita (gila cemilannya berat amit). 742 more words

No Knead Bread

Bread Basics

So I’d be willing to place a bet that there isn’t a single person alive who doesn’t absolutely LOVE the smell of freshly baked bread. That being said, baking the bread yourself from scratch is often daunting to a new baker. 688 more words