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Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread

So I am a little late to this parade. I had heard about it years ago when it came out but I didn’t have the urge or tools to do it. 291 more words


Decadent Baked Beans

I was craving that old classic, baked beans on a hearty slab of toast. Baked beans are great but not the stuff you get from a can. 314 more words

Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day

The Joy of Baking

I am so sorry I did not write yesterday. But, I wasn’t in the right (write!) mood for writing. Instead, I had the baking bug. Or the baking bacteria bug for adroitly amusing alliteration. 951 more words


No-Knead Classic White Bread

I made this no-knead bread last night before bed. It took mere minutes to throw together. Bake it up in the morning. So simple, anyone can do it! 16 more words


Luxurious Morning with Cold-Rise Bread

During my stay in Norway I met up with an old colleague of mine who’s well known for his passion for food and wine. He invited me home for lunch, and I was quick with accepting, as I have very good memories from previously eating at his house. 728 more words

The No Sweat Bread Recipe

I guess ‘The No Sweat Bread Recipe’ doesn’t sound very appetising, but I literally mean that you will not break even the slightest sweat whipping up this bread, because there is no need to knead! 442 more words


Quick and cakey beer bread. Bread. From beer.

Lauren no function bread well without. A little Simpsons quote for you, there. Because Simpsons. But also because beer. Me and bread go together like Homer and beer. 457 more words