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Bad Poetry #3

If you keep giving away pieces of your heart, will you one day wake up heartless?

That could be a good thing, because then you would no longer care… 69 more words

Bad Poetry

no longer

the wind was bold and arrogantly free

higher now gushing above the lull

the trees suddenly obsessed with the wind

aching with desire to bend and wave… 83 more words


Just, Yet, Still, Already and No Longer

These words are often used with the present perfect tense although yet, still and already can all be used with other tenses.
‘Just’ is usually used only with the present perfect tense and it means ‘a short time ago’. 554 more words

Teach That Grammar!

I'm not afraid...

The past five years I’ve had my share of ups and downs; engaged, pregnant, in an emotionally, verbally and almost physically abusive relationship.  God blessed me to get out physically, but emotionally I have been stuck.  366 more words


One eternal day-

The sky was pitch gray;

And dark! Not a sound to be heard;

Nor a voice to be said.

Loneliness crept upon the only one- 83 more words


Brandy No Longer Engaged?

Reports say that Brandy has called off her engagement to music executive Ryan Press.  According to Theybf.com,

The two recently decided to take a break.

101 more words