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Top 5 best things about not wearing makeup

Just in case you don’t personally know me, and let’s face if, if you’re reading my blog, you most likely do, but I don’t wear makeup. 536 more words

Women's Issues

As you can tell..

As you can tell from the “extremely beautiful” pic above,i dont use makeup to hide my uglines..im proud of it so i show it :D :D .That pic i took few hours ago just to show you what my face looks like :D .Yeah..thats me..”the person behind the wise words” “the woman in the shadows” “the mistery girl” ok i’ll stop , you got the point.Anyways,that pic is also to show what i look like without makeup because later i’ll be uploading pics with Halloween makeup and im too lazy to upload this one every time :) Cheers :*


Blogtober Day 16 - No Makeup Week

Hello gorgeous people

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would have noticed I have been posting no makeup selfies all week! Yes that’s right. 221 more words

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Why Apologize for Your Bare Face?

I like watching beauty videos while getting ready in the morning because it makes me feel like I’m on one of those TV shows where a group of girls sit at a row of brightly-lit, mirrored tables to get ready for a night out. 644 more words


Article: This Is What I Learned Going Makeup-Free For A Week

Really loved this! It’s hard this day and age to not wear makeup for most, but by not wearing any for a week, what would you learn about yourself? 10 more words



Hi all! My apologies for being MIA all week… it’s been a busy one!!

I was blessed enough to have just started my new job in New York City this week, and while it is a major adjustment I am really loving it.  410 more words

Be Yourself

LOOK: Iggy Azalea Face BARE Ass OUT At The Airport

I think IGGY AZALEA looks even BETTER when she’s NOT Fancy!!!!

24-year-old Iggy put it down, with DEMI LOVATO, at the Honda Stage in Cali and then — hours later — had to catch a flight. 182 more words