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The "Vegan Vagan" Slogan

It’s the 18th day and we are pulling it off strong!  Last I heard, 1 plus 1, makes a team!  The very first “Vegan Vagan” team is formulated. 199 more words


So I realize that I haven’t posted for a while and I am terribly sorry for that.

This post is about my recent lifestyle change. I have decided to become a vegetarian and I thought I would explain my reason for making such a drastic change. 395 more words


Skinny Jeans

Last night the Hubbs and I were reminiscing on our skinny days and wishing we were there again as we shoveled french fries and and hamburgers into our mouths. 201 more words

Meat Free Mondays!

Aubergine & Chickpea Curry with Turmeric

TURMERIC ~ Nature’s Natural Wonder! Turmeric is one of Nature’s most powerful healers. It’s an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant. 412 more words

Meat Free Meals

Once Upon A Quinoa Pad Thai

“How do we write a funny preamble about this one?” CB’s question is completely serious. She asks this while tipping her bowl to drink the last dregs of the Quinoa Pad Thai sauce. 654 more words


Mushroom Garlic Quesadilla


I hope if you’ve been following along that you’ve attempted cooking a vegetarian recipe or two. If not, no worries! I have a delicious, simple recipe to start you off. 374 more words