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In life everyone fears rejection. It’s just something that’s within us, part of our being. It’s not something we learn or something that develops through time. 360 more words

i'm still drunk

But throwing caution to the wind, with regard to my data usage limits. I should be dancing my life away in a club right now. I LOVE dancing. 147 more words

Drunk but have no friends to text

Here I am, a mother of two, wife of one, drunk with no one to text. I’ve already cleaned the whole kitchen and bathroom, now I’m watching t.v. 348 more words

Fuck The Poor!

We all have an opinion and stand up for things we believe it, but never normally do anything that makes a difference!

Check this out.


The zombie Apocalypse is about to begin

So the last days I’ve been busy drawing and stuff, but now I have to get myself together as I will need to take a decision if I should actually open the rentals earlier this year, or wait, as always. 321 more words


I like this rich girl I can't chyke

Dear Diary,
          There’s a certain young lady I have had an eye on for some time now in church. She is a stunning beauty, petite, eloquent and kind. 375 more words