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On Strategic Begging

Just wrote a little explanation of how I intend to live without money on this page, in a manner I call ‘strategic begging.’ It elucidates a large reason why I’m embarking on such a journey as this largely moneyless one.

New Book: In Debt, No Money & No Job?

Be honest with yourself.

Rarely do people simply agree and confess that their plight is largely their fault and the result of poor choices and missed opportunities. 277 more words

In Debt

Why I Write

Honestly, I wrote my first book In Debt, No Money & No Job?  Break the Cycle! because I needed to blow off some steam in a productive manner. 430 more words

In Debt

The worst

Sooooo pissed can’t even do what the hell I want to do because I just found out my money for my son’s first birthday party is not going to be right. 89 more words


What's important...

He’s a surfer and skater. He rips on a new guitar in a Christian band. He’s homeschooled and has no worries. His T-shirt says it: “No job. 71 more words


Seriously, Get A New Job and Don't Expect Good Rhyming And And And

It’s a Tuesday afternoon,

That’s why I’m taking all your money.

When you’re working for an agency

Things can get real funny.

Money off for taxes, money off for what?? 134 more words


And just when you thought things were going better...

This morning, I crashed into another car!

My car was parked on a hill, front pointed downward, and since parking is an issue in these parts, it was parked SLIGHTLY illegally overnight. 526 more words