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Down under the fly-over was a shabby shelter,
Where there used to live a rich beggar.
He had hardly a penny with him to spend, 113 more words


No dinero, no problemo!

Whats this? You can’t afford to travel? Really?

A statement that continues to confuse every nomad and budget wanderer on the planet. Why is it so hard for people to believe that anyone, on any means, can travel… anywhere. 1,407 more words


The History of Kraft

So Kraft began when James L. Kraft came to the United States in 1903. Now get this, his idea was to have a door to door cheese business. 78 more words


The Man Who Quit Money

Imagine, for a moment, giving up money for good. That means no mortgage, no car, no insurance, and no bartering. This is exactly what one man did in the riveting book, “The Man Who Quit Money,” written by Mark Sundeen. 181 more words


The Problem With Grading Problems

There are and will always be different grades of problems.

A business owner just starting a business might have a problem of getting customers.  But eventually the problem might change to another one: keeping them. 320 more words

Mental Judo

12 Days til Freedom

See ya later Corporate America, I’ve chosen the path of the Starving Artist

Quitting my cushy corporate job has revealed the true size of my balls. 1,083 more words

Three Examples Of Guilty Or Not Guilty (2006)

1. No money. ( Guilty.)

2. Some money. (Maybe not guilty.)

3. A lot of money. (What me? Are you kidding?)


Crime can pay- 6 more words