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Managing Distractions from Other People

When it comes to super-sizing your productivity, there’s a distinct difference between “multi-tasking” and holding a focus-to-finish mindset. While multi-tasking has become a modern-day work activity, doing too much will only set you back from accomplishing a single task very well. 330 more words



Just hit 21 weeks today. I hate these 3 day work weeks i’m so bored pretty much all the time. This is day #3 of being off in a row. 47 more words

money troubles

There are times between paychecks when the money is lean and the hunger gets on me. It’s good having an outlet like this to help make the days go by but you can really turn into a zombie by worrying about money all the time. 40 more words


My day with a cop - a speeding ticket - and a gift from God

So today, I was cruising down the empty tollway when I saw those dreaded flashing lights behind me in my rear view mirror.  In the old days, when that happened to me, I could feel my heart drop into my stomach.   1,173 more words


Down under the fly-over was a shabby shelter,
Where there used to live a rich beggar.
He had hardly a penny with him to spend, 113 more words


The History of Kraft

So Kraft began when James L. Kraft came to the United States in 1903. Now get this, his idea was to have a door to door cheese business. 78 more words