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Buy or Sell: What Happened in 2014 that's worth taking with us to 2015?

In a heavier mood from an earlier date, I pontificated on the passing of time:

I thought we made minutes small to trick ourselves into thinking that life is long. 895 more words

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No More by Beast

Hangul :

왜 바보같이 날 못 잊고 그러고 있니
왜 아직까지 난 네게 좋은 사람인 거니
우리 헤어진 지가 벌써 몇 달이 지났는데
왜 아직도 넌 지난 추억에 살고 있니 719 more words


no more!

I find it amazing how I went from missing him so badly, to… well… the complete opposite.

I actually love to have the bed all to myself again. 399 more words


My Ocean

Drowing inside this giant ocean made up of all my pain &depresseiom been inside this ocean so long i forgot what dry land feels like been floating &drowning at the same time tired of kicking my feet tried to swim out but further &further I got from the shore every time I got close ready to plant my feet on the sand finally able to walk away no it never let me reach was only a few steps away ready to finally give it up but na I always got pulled all the way back everytime it took me further &further out couldn’t even see land no more nothing but this giant ocean full of my pain &depression surrounding me pulling me down keeping m down never letting me reach a little happiness. 618 more words


No more. Do more.

Living near Seattle is an absolute trial for someone as indifferent to football as I am. Before this past summer, I had never heard of Ray Rice and I didn’t know Baltimore had a football team. 464 more words


False Stereotypes of Pro Athletes

All too often we hear phrases like, “Professional athletes are thugs” or “criminals” or “they all abuse drugs.”

This language seems verified when nearly everyday we hear about professional athletes being arrested and charged with crimes. 741 more words


WINNING WOMEN: Meagan Good Becomes An Affiliate With ‘NO MORE’ Campaign

After landing a role as a domestic violence victim in Hit Show “Law&Order: Special Victims Unit,” Meagan Good decided to join the cause in real life. 48 more words

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