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I'm Not Playing With You Guys No More !

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Today, I've made one crucial decision. (AKA my Freckle Farts part 1)

I AM TO ONLY HAVE ONE MELTDOWN A DAY. Hopefully it’s like cigarettes, the more you cut down the better it gets and eventually you’re rid of them all together. 12 more words

55 Worders

“55″ worders is a challenge to write a story using just 55 words. Not one word less, not one word more. A twist in the tail/tale makes the story more interesting! 90 more words

Why nageria where are you when dat is happening. Many people where killed for nothing wallahi aur leader now the solution of that. So why can them stop it ` the answer is from you. 18 more words

Au On Is...........

MMP#92 - Lady Bits episode 3: Gold Stars for Everybody!

Jacqui and LeMar discuss how Millennials will have more successful marriages than their parents because of their shameful promiscuity. PLUS, they commend an Oklahoma politician for his fit of sanity, as well as Mariska Hargitay and her friends for saying NO MORE to sexual abuse. 43 more words