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No More “Dead” Broke

In a interview with NBC, former President Bill Clinton has “joined” wife Hillary Clinton in claiming that they were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001. 814 more words


Late Night- When is Enough, Enough

Is there a such thing as putting up with to much from you spouse. I think we all take for granted the person we are with. 123 more words


I never felt this freedom until after you start pursuing your teenage dream

I'm not air-headed,
that I couldn't notice.
Actually, I'm more vigilant than anyone else
When was it when I felt this good?
Feeling the free key, I know now.
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PSA getting noticed a bit more.

The PSA that features a poem of mine has made a bit more news today with an article posted on ThinkProgress, highlighting schools taking a stand against sexual assault. 43 more words


A win at something lame is still a win.

So I hate having to wear a pump. I hate the process of putting on a new one, but the other day I managed to put on a new omnipod by myself without having an emotional meltdown. 198 more words

No more

On Sunday, there was a period of time where I felt finished.
I was saying “no more”.
No more being a mother.
No more being a wife. 383 more words

Equal Rights

I always hear about events happening that are daddy daughter. I think it’s great that there is special time and events set to honor time spent between the two, because don’t get me wrong.. 218 more words

The Single Mom Files