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A Bunch in One

So, instead of posting a bunch of small blogs everyday for the past 5 days, I figured I would just put them into one big post! 353 more words

Good Days

The Ten Truths of Living By Yourself

The good, the bad…and the slightly disturbing.

1. Pants are no longer necessary.

Capture the breeze and give your nether regions the freedom they deserve. 351 more words

It's A Gif-Gif World.

TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS |The Key To Happiness

Heeellloooo! I am back! I apologize for the lack of posts these past two months. I decided to take a vacay from blogging, but now I am back feeling inspired as ever.  295 more words


The Cure For Loneliness: 6 Things To Do Alone

My roommate is out of province (that’s non-american for state) right now visiting family so I am all alone for another week and typing this free of the tyrannical constraints of pants. 1,418 more words


Pants, or the lack thereof

My son abhors pants. This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Shepard. Asking him to put on pants is like negotiating with terrorists. 872 more words


Today, for the hundred-twelftieth time, I went to a karaoke joint. Some of you right now are picturing an extremely drunk 50-something Japanese guy belting out “Bohemian Rhapsody” a couple of semitones short of the actual pitch, and spontaneously redefining the lyrics. 382 more words