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Just Because

Flowers filled the house, their perfume was heavy and intoxicating in the air. I don’t think there was one room without a few vases in it. 158 more words

Taking the Angels

There was a point in time when the bad guys were the only ones dying. All of the angels were united and strong against such pain. 713 more words

Coming Undone

A common human behaviour:

Upon starting a blog the human will be constantly drawn to it, and, despite having nothing to write about will begin typing for the sake of typing. 8 more words


QI 5 : Smiling practice - The key to happiness?

Hope you are having a nice weekend reader!

Maybe it sounds stupid to do on a sunday instead of relaxing or being dissatisfied by an unproductive day, but you could practice smiling for seemingly no reason instead. 73 more words


What a Way to...

(Scratched up from 2010)

What a way to…

WRITE… off the top of my head with little time to spare
Thoughts that bounce from heart to mind to hand to pen… 136 more words


Waves on the Shore

I am sitting in a small computer room on Haad Yuan Beach on Koh Pha-Ngan. I am sitting alone. I am feeling alone. There are over 100 people playing around me. 565 more words

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The Comedy Club

The last time I checked with my biology text book, humans evolved from some crazy super intelligent ape. Basically the superman of the monkey-verse. But the people about whom I am going to speak about will make you think otherwise. 586 more words

Stupid People