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And now... Abe Lincoln riding a bear

Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly Digital art by Jason Heuser

No Reason

Nightly Wanderings

Insomnia’s a bitch.

Usually I try to get to sleep at a decent hour, but it takes an act of will to surrender, to give in the dreams that so easily seduce other people. 858 more words

Monstrous Souls

Right Write

Tis a strange and wonderful thing that after thirty or more years of having to pen my every all the time thoughts into my journal companion, I now feel no urgent need to do so.  340 more words

Rachael Torise

Day 14

October 6, 2014

The most bizarre thing: I’m having a really good day despite nothing special happening. A moment ago, I just told myself, “I love life!” 15 more words

Nice Things

Rubber: Tired of Waiting

First Film of BLOOD Month:


Where to Watch:

Netflix, Hoopla

The Premise:

A tire goes on a killing rampage in the desert (Is the title of this post making you cringe now?). 854 more words

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