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15 Signs Anthony Bourdain Is Your Spirit Animal

1. Anytime your friends dare the group to try some weird or exotic food you’re the first one to (happily) volunteer. You love trying new cuisines from different cultures and developing your palate over time. 553 more words

Smack Lobster Deli

London just keeps getting better. This time, the newest and greatest trend to hit the streets is a series of lobster shacks, where one can pretend to be holidaying in Boston or Maine perhaps, feasting away on cut-price lobsters. 386 more words


The Lady with the Cowboy Hat

Those of you that follow Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” undoubtedly know what the title of this post refers to.

All she serves is Khao Kha Moo, which is slow stewed pork legs (and some other parts of swine we won’t get into). 184 more words


There are two kinds of Indians, one that love mustard and the other that cannot stand it. If you belong to the first kind, 25 Parganas is a must visit for you. 740 more words



Sure, he wrote Kitchen Confidential, and exposed stories of life in the kitchen that do not exist at the same level today than in the 70’s and 80’s, and his persona is pretty much take it or leave it, but these are only a means to an end. 722 more words


“We’re sold out. Our waitlist is full.”

We ponder the meaning of a “sold-out” restaurant as we hurry through the cold to our second choice for end-of-season oysters, only to find ourselves back out on the brick almost as soon as we’d shoved a path to the hostess stand. 259 more words

Anthony Bourdain

    I have a new hero.

Chef extraordinaire, food writer and all around bad boy, Anthony Bourdain.

He wrote, in 2000, a kick-ass memoir entitled, Kitchen Confidential I found languishing on my library shelf. 444 more words