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We are All Mothers

Excerpt from “Living Buddha, Living Christ”  by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Buddha said that his Dharma body is more important than his physical body. He meant that we have to practice the Dharma in order to make nirvana available here and now. 273 more words


Practice Idea - Taste The Mud and Be Free

In Buddhism we often talk about remaining fully present and mindful in the midst of unpleasant sensations, thoughts and emotions. Most people understand this, but actually sustaining presence beyond noting and momentary awareness is often quite challenging. 350 more words


The Nature of the Mind vs its mental states - Ajahn Mun's key teaching for Ajahn Chah

In your meditation, it is EXTREMELY important to know that there’s a difference between your mind and the mental states that arise and cease within your mind. 329 more words

#57 Ego Clash

Is Ego good or bad?

They say that “ego” is just the archaic Roman word for “I”. It ought to simply imply that we have a conscious, self-referential personality.   272 more words

The First 100 Harangues