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In the first place, contemporary Western views have been unable to articulate together the loss of foundations for the self and for the world. There is no methodological basis for a middle way between objectivism and subjectivism (both forms of absolutism). 153 more words

The Embodied Mind

True Nature, No Nature or Buddha Nature?

“The luminosity of the mind, the nature of clarity of the mind, is something that I cannot simply explain in words to you. But if you undertake this kind of experiment on your own, you will begin to understand.” – Dalai Lama… 388 more words


What to Do?

Perhaps the most provocative of all questions: If there is nothing to do, no one to do it… then what to do? What in the world can/should/must we do? 519 more words


Functional Identity and No-self

Every morning we put on clothes that allow us to function within our daily activities and obligations. For early exercisers, workout clothes are the first clothing of the day. 348 more words


There is no spoon!

We have all seen the movie by now, the kid tells the “chosen one” there is no spoon and it bends.  But how might this pertain to Buddhism? 700 more words


Instant Reality

For those who have experienced awakening it’s obvious that there is no individual self in operation, that we have simply imagined that the “I” is a concrete reality. 610 more words


The Nature of Mind

“I came to realize clearly that mind is no other than mountains and rivers and the great wide Earth, the sun and the moon and the stars.”
~~ Eihei Dogen